HMS Victorious - Where in the world?

Discussion in 'History' started by JamesH, May 4, 2009.

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  1. I've been sent a picture by one of Vic's crew who served 60 - 62.


    Unfortunately he's not sure where the picture was taken. Without going into many details, it's rather urgent that I can find where the picture was taken.

    Can anyone help?


    Link to full size picture (1836px × 2448px, 704 kB)
  2. IMHO Moored inside the outer mole of Gibraltar Harbour.

  3. Agree with Nutty
  4. Yep I'd agree....Gib
  5. Looks like Gib to me.
  6. Definately Gib -------

  7. OK James by an out right majority its Gib. Now dish the dirt on why they need to know. We won't tell anyone it will be a secret.

  8. Thanks to everyone who replied, and I'll make sure the info gets to the owner of the picture.

    Unfortunately the rush is due to a rather pressing deadline with terminal cancer. I'll have a tot tonight for John, maybe some of you would like to join me - and no, I'm not buying.

  9. One large Woods duly sunk for John, may his particular God be with him.

  10. A neaters sank by me and ditto to the above
  11. I was on that draft 60/62 and it's Gib.I bloody hate big ships but I have to admit that was a good two years draft,went to some great countries and I mean lots of them.
    Got a Navy News video of that time.

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