HMS Victorious Video


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I was on her then and it's the same old story,all about Aircraft,Chefs,Wardroom not a thing about me as a gash chute sentry!
It was an important job!not that I cared what went down there.
I liked it because it excused me from the rest of the watch humping a load of chairs down to the rear lift well and stowing them again when the Officers had finished watching their film.
All I did was stand around listening to them threatening to turn a fire hose over the deck and down the lift well!
It never happened.
Nice to see the old girl though,not that I liked serving on her,Small ships was my thing.


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Yes, very good to see the ol' Vic, lots of memories there, including the old navy blue painted skyraiders of 849 squad, 803's scimitars with their wasp badges. The dining room, where we ate very well, tot time, a veritable routine, not sure I liked the whole tot in one go scene, we used to spend as long as possible in 4 mess ( 2 deck angle ) sipping, wetting, gulping, and putting the world to right over the 'queen's. Usually flight deck parties swapped with the off duty watch, so that meant 2 tots at least every other day. Was a nostalgic look at the deck lifts, I have brought many a cab up and down on those, lift driving was special duties, and we wore our green helmets and jackets, had blue station cards too. Was trying to remember the FDO, think it was Lt/Cmmdr 'Lofty' Wreford, didn't spot 'Danny' the sick bay tiffy with the bent wrist lol!
Very good post scouse, she was a majestic carrier, and the most photogenic of them all.


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Thoroughly enjoyed that Scouse, thanks for posting.

I dread to think how many accidents there are going to be when we try to regenerate cat/traps post 2020. That deck looked a lot more dangerous and chaotic than CVS STOVL ops!

Edited to add:- When did the rules change on wearing headgear between decks? Everyone seemed to be at it!
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Oh yes, are we not supposed to be getting some carriers ? Accidents ? Going to be a long long time before any resemblance of the things that used to happen, take place. The bloody things have yet to even take to the sea, let alone be operational and worked up. Dream on!!