HMS Victorious Scimitars

Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Joining the Vic in 61/62 as a seaman I knew nothing about the aircraft we carried.I remember everyone saying the Scimitar was something special but since then I've never really heard much about it.Was it a good aircraft?it seemed heavy to me[as an outsider] we lost some going over.They looked solid and better than the Sea Vixens[I think] but if someone could let me know as I have a of that time and I remember them.
    Before I joined her we lost one where the pilot supposedly did not take off his brakes before launching[think he was testing it before acceptance]
    I remember the picture in the papers of him trying to get out of the cockpit as he sank.I can't believe it about brakes but someone will know.Shame really as once on planeguard with the Chichester a fighter went over and, as we in the whaler got to the place,he ejected 25 feet down under the sea.Made it ok but started to shake on the way back.
    Maybe the test pilot should have tried that rather than drown.
    We also had a famous picture of a Scimitar toppling over the Port side in the Mirror called "Death of a fighter"
    Hell on about that and they tried for ages to find out who sent it up.
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    That was Commander Russell trying to get out of his plane. I remember how horrified all my friends were at the paper making a spectacle of a gallant officer fighting for his life (which he lost).

    Yanks said only the Brits could put so much thrust intoa plane and still only be subsonic.

    Complementary to the Vixen - Scimitar was primarily a bomber and day fighter whereas the Vixen was a night-fighter. Hence its radar, looker in the coal-hole etc. Scimitar later superseded in the bomber role by the Buc. which was specially designed for low-level.
  3. Navy received 76 and lost 39 in accidents… says it all.
  4. It used to be said when I was on 800 Squadron " What a cruel way to get a beautiful Airframe into the Air "
  5. Good morning Seafare1939
    I was a Royal Marine on the Vic. the same time you were serving. I remember a fighter crash landing on the flight deck. Also during an exercise with the yanks they wanted to throw one our planes over the side of one of their carriers, because it was broke.

    I didn't get a mention in the New Years Honours again :threaten:
  6. Cheers mate and all the best for '08.We lost a Gannet whilst on mail delivery,went out in the whaler and recovered some things and mail bags but no survivors.Screamed down from a great height straight in.One
    messman got twatted from another for complaining his letters were unreadable due to waterlogging!
    Fact airman lost their lives earned him a smack.
    Got accepted on the Vic for transfer to RM,interview with the Captain{RM I think] accepted went to interview on landing at Pompey and they wanted to stop my armourers alllowance and start from scatch.
    I understood losing my crossed rifles as a markman in the RM is not the same as Jack[although in the qualifying test for the RN Bisley team I was beaten by a Wren! best shot I ever saw] but to strip me of armourer pay was stupid.
    A bren is a bren,a Browning is the same and I serviced the pilots Brownings, and a .303 is the same.
    Newly married I needed the allowance so did not proceed.
    Would not have made the fitness I reckon so nothing lost,except pain!
    I'm the guy who,when action stations was bugled ended up outside the Post office,thought it was mail call!Got bollocked for that a bit.
    Still best wishes to all.

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