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One for Scouse hopefully.

One of the fora that i administer has had a request from a member looking for info about his uncle.


my name is Craig and I am trying to find out anything about my uncle who served and died on the 'Vic'. His name was Tommy Craig and he served in the early sixties. I know that he went to Hong Kong as he brought me back a silk dressing gown. Sadly he died in an accident on board when a plane was catapulted off. If any of you gents can give me any information on my uncle I would appreciate it.

Thanks...........................Craig (ex-pongo)
It's been posted on the HMS Victorious Association website, but so far no takers. Over to you lot.

Na1 AH3 T.M.Craig L/F967938 26th May 1959. Who was Tragically Killed. On Hms Victorious. When he wrongly moved over the cat. In a starboard Launch Procedure of a 3 figure Sea Vixen Launch. The pilot of the Sea Vixen was L/T John Bovey Cary RN. Who wrote to the family ,at the time of their loss :salut: RIP

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