HMS Vanguard

Discussion in 'History' started by Extras, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    My dad was a National Service Royal Marine who served on the Vanguard. I'm not sure of the exact dates atm, but I'm trying to help him find some old mates.

    Any of you old buggers think you might have met him?


  2. I wish I had been him, Vanguard was a great ship,never saw action though, got used as a Royal taxi once or twice though.
  3. Well I'll be damaged, it's very own website!

    Thanks for the help so far, but there's got to have been some one who was on board surely? Even at the advanced age you'd have to be I'm sure the interweb shouldn't be a problem!

  4. i dived the vanguard in scapa flow before they decided it was a war grave and banned diving on her, that one blew up in 1917, i never realised they was a another battleship named vanguard after her
  5. One of the eye-catching things about the S&W is the huge photo of the incident at the far end of the bar. Haven't been in since the refurb yet, anyone know if it's still there?
  6. Yes , even as a submariner the Vanguard certainly made the earth move , a magnificent sight . I was in Blockhouse when the tow parted and she headed for the old S & W , what an experience it must have been to see that heading your way . A sad day in Pompey though as the last of the line in the battleship class even though she was a mouth watering sight through a periscope I'll bet .
    With the S and W I sank many a Merrydowm vintage cider in there what a lovely old pub that is . I hope they haven't Fd it up with the refurb . Should be on the national heritage list . Happy daze
  7. It's nice to hear that every one speaks so highly of her! We've got a pic of her on our wall, taken from a much much (MUCH) smaller ship. You're looking up at it from side on... and it looks huuuuge! I agree with the Periscope Wet Dream remarks entirely!

  8. I helped to organise a visit from the Vanguard Veterans to HMS Vanguard (the SSBN) in about 1998 - Geoff Thornton is the only name I can remember off the top of my head. I've still got loads of memorabilia in my cell inboard, including a nominal list - I'll get it tonight and post some contact details tomorrow.
  10. Must have been late 1963 / early 64 ? I was in Dolphin then also.
    As you say a magnificent sight, but a sad end for any ship to be taken to the breakers.

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