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Hoping someone can help with a query I've been asked. A chap I work with is researching HMS Unbeaten as a relative of his died on her when she was sunk. He's got a copy of her log from the National Archives and I've been translating some of the submarine terms for him (he's ex-mob but GS).

I'm stuck on 2 terms. One is SPBC which is written on every watch handover and signed by the OOW but I don't know what SPBC stands for. Best guess is Submarine PB Correct but no idea what the PB would mean, Position and Bearing maybe?

The other term is MS Routine which seems to be carried out surfaced or at PD..any ideas, think it may be something to do with signals.

Any ideas welcome even if it's just best guesses that I can research further.
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I've googled it to death and looked at that site (which is a good one for submariner anoraks). I'm hoping an old and bold DE boat control room watchkeeper might recognise the terms.
Signal Publications (and) Books Correct ? Remember they were checked daily in harbour, but at sea ? Stab in the dark, but better than no guess at all.
I like that one, makes more sense than the one I came up with.
Books/Crypto etc on surface ships are mustered at the beginning of each watch when at sea (once a day with the OOD) & daily alongside. It may have been the same in the era your'e referring to.
I've looked in my copy of CONQUERER's Log and can find nothing similar. :slow:

Just a couple of references to BEL:censored: and Punto de :censored: and not much else.

Sorry I can't help.
MS Routine was probably the main signals routine-being the unclassified signal traffic to all boats giving warnings to mariners and various
S/m Flotilla news updates .Replies as required sent-and logged
Classified signals would be kept in the radio room for decrypt and action by the designated signals officer.

Old terminology !-no electronic aids then --all hand written or typed with carbon paper for copies if required.



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Speed, Position, Bearing?, Course... or something like it?

Or could they be regarding any emergency life-saving gear in the advent of sinking? Something that needs to be 'correct & working' in an instant and without warning?

Just some ideas
I'd thought of speed, position etc but as they're just letters next to the sig I would have thought they would have numbers next to them. I'm pretty sure the C would mean correct as that is what the OOW is signing for.

Signals, Publications etc seem to be front runner at the moment. I knew they were signed for every day in the modern Navy but didn't know about signing every watch at sea.
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