HMS Trafalgar last trip into Guzz

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Just seen coverage on BBC Southwest news, had a chuckle to myself as they showed "some of the ship's company of HMS Illustrious" lining the flight deck ... well, there were 5 of them!!! You'd have thought they could have made a bit more of an effort than that surely?

    Anyway, that was it, she is now safely back in the basin and awaiting disposal at some future date.
  2. That was my last boat "sniff"
  3. So old "Raglafart" has finally gone to join her sisters awaiting the razorblade transition...RUST IN PEACE....
  4. Sniff, my last Battle....Sniff :cry:
  5. I took her out on the first commish but don't feel any sadness, it just a lump of steal after all.
  6. My brother was wrecker on there 88-96 I think,they called him the naked Wrecker if anyone remembers him. Will tell him its up for disposal. What do they do with all the mess gizzits,he was SRs mess pres for a while,might be something of interest to him
  7. What is the rationale behind decommissioning Trafalgar before Sceptre - wouldn't it make more sense to decommission the last in the Swiftsure class before moving on to the newer Trafalgar class?

    With the planned move up to Faslane eventually, how many will still be in service by the time they finally leave Devenport?
  8. Traf needs refuelling (reactor wise) therefore makes sense to de-commish now.

    3 are planned to be running when they go North
  9. ah, makes more sense now. Cheers.
  10. Carrier Queens,

    There were not there to see the Traf, they were probably having a cigarette.
  11. Navy News website article and photo here.

  12. Not sure but I think some artefacts end up at the submarine museum, Gosport...
  13. Many moons ago we visited a aircraft museum type place at Torbay took my son on the gun emplacement 50p a go complete with a taped bootneck bugler playing. Later while her indoors was cremating in the kitchen I read the museum brochure it came from the old Albion. Beggars belief when I look at me old photos taken on the Albion that in the future my son would be playing soldiers with that gun.

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