HMS Trafalgar has a wee crash...

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Niner_Domestic, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Slow is right - this was six years ago!
  2. Have the Hydrographers started hard charging for charts?
  3. Are you sure it was tracing paper and not this stuff(Izal)?[​IMG]
    They probably needed it very shortly afterwards!!
  4. That bit about 'the tracing paper was to stop junior officers drawing on the chart' made me laugh!

    Dot the spot!

    If I remember rightly ALL charts....even the really really burn before reading iffy ones were covered in tracing paper. Easier for records and stuff!

    God help anybody who went near the chart table with anything other than a 2b. Even navigators only two feet high used to get punchy over that!
  5. The fun to be had with a box of 5H in black lighting :dwarf:
  6. Since when did COQCs become the "Pressure Cooker"? WTF happened to Perishers?
  7. Do Navigator's have any other foibles apart from tracing paper and 2H pencils?
  8. This is what happens when you swap all
    the pencils for red crayons, do a shit-load
    of plotting - then go to Red Lighting before
    returning to P.D.

    Brings a new meaning to the term "Lost the plot......."
  9. Yeah,

    Hates: Stokers, Greenies, Fore-endies, Non RP Control Room sweepers, Fourth Hand, any person with a 2B Pencil in their ovvies, 8t's, steaming gear pocket or behind ear.

    Loves: L/S RP2 Navigators Yeoman,and High Priest of Stop Watches plus RP3's

    Likes: Captain, Jimmy, TAS "C" ratings, S and S and Coxswain

    Favorite sport: to demand from the, on watch, Nav Yeo some obscure publication or chart which is stowed under some tiffies (off watch) bunk at 3 a.m. as a matter of urgency then dispatches said Nav Yeo to drag tiffie out of bunk to obtain said book or chart.

    L/S RP2 Navigators Yeoman, and High Priest of Stop Watches
  10. Always had nice sets of pens/pencils/compasses etc.
    Kids never went short come Christmas!
  11. The control room Swiftsure in the seventies, at PD and 'somewhere off Porcupine Bank' on the under blunder 'phone because the place is swarming with f/v' ear piece on one off as standard....and my hearing is still as sharp today!
    Captian to Navigator all innocent like.....
    'Navigator where are we'..........'Here sir'.....pointing at the spot of red light on the chart.
    Cue an instant change of mood and voice.......icely....'then why have I just recieved a SOSUS update telling me I'm HERE....index finger stabbing the chart approx 20 miles (lots of cables) to the South.
    Captain, loudly now........2nd officer of the watch run the echo sounder (eek, on covert ops)...... slow down and establish where we are 'precisely'......'GET A FIX ON, NOW'! YOU...pointing to Vasco 'my cabin'!
    XO you have conduct.

    The NO was re appointed soon after that. That wasn't his first boo boo and they all added up eventually to him leaving without being dined out......then we got the 'stumpygator'.....a really nasty piece of work but he knew where he was at all times. Some of you may have come across him. Small man syndrome, he was like a one man command team....I just wish he'd let me know when he was behind me...then maybe I wouldn't have trampled him...sorry mate. If you want to know just ask....don't be peering 'under' my armpit!
  12. Did he end up driving Oberon and Vanguard? Boning the WEO's wife and always making him OOD?
  13. Not sure where he went afterwards..........Bombers do spring to mind!
  14. One of them had a pretty good looking wife who didnot wear knickers and allways went down the main access hatch first stopping half way down letting the draft open the skirt and talked to the upper deck trot/husband.

    Funny but there alwys seem to be alot of the FWD staff in the laundry when she came down the Boat.

    He often, when quiet,(1to7night watch) wanted a single wet for him self and not a wet for the watch. I had heard that his cup of coffee often came via the heads :pottytrain3: not a popular man.
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    Gentlemen perhaps we are getting a little close to the previous of this particular officer and we should move off in a different direction.

  16. He was a **** :):) :w00t: :w00t: :thumright:

    Never even met the guy but you know what its like ;)
  17. Okay then.....ever dragged a helicopter backwards when its dipping,
    their stuff gets wrapped round the planes - and their emergency
    cutting gear fails to kick in?

    Its fun.........even if you do top up your boxers in the process!
  18. BNM.
    Imagine the Watcher report from the sound room.

    Ops...Controller...195 in contact.......
    Controller...Ops...pass the Db level in your report.....
    Ops...Controller.......NO! I said 'IN CONTACT...fwd or aft...can't really say yet'!!!!
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    Right or wrong, I have deleted the name post. The forum is liable to legal action so let us, please not give ammuntion to folk.


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