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HMS Torbay has a make-over!


Deleted 7

It looks so pretty :lol:

Hunter-killer boat HMS Torbay stands out from the rest of the Silent Service in her new livery: submarine blue.

And while she may stand out on the surface, beneath the waves she should be more difficult to spot – visually at any rate.

Boffins at QinetiQ designed and tested the new coating in the laboratory for its stealth capability – as well as its ability to withstand the elements. (There’s no point having stealth paint if it washes off.)

Since the first British submarines slipped beneath the waves in 1901, various paint schemes have been tested to make submarines harder to spot by the naked eye.

Shallower waters, such as the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean, are particularly perilous with the distinctive outline of a boat scores of feet down visible from aircraft overhead – as World War 2 deeps learned to their cost.

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I thought with all the new hitech AS weaponry the skimmers have now they weren't worried about seeing submerged boats from aircraft ..

Another spin ?????????????????


War Hero
Working in DRD and you can only just see the change in cooler it looks like some one just f***ed up with the mixing of the paint (yes it is just paint at the moment)


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dt018a9667 how would you compare it to the experimental blue on a t-boart in the '90s.It looks a deeper shade of blue to me.Has anyone taken a sample to B&Q to get a colour match yet?
I hardly think the colour matters versus todays technology, if the enemy is using visual spotting to target the boat these days I don't think we need to be too worried.


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spearfish said:
dt018a9667 how would you compare it to the experimental blue on a t-boart in the '90s.It looks a deeper shade of blue to me.Has anyone taken a sample to B&Q to get a colour match yet?

[/To be honest I did not notice it at the time it was only when someone mentioned it that I took a closer look and then I could see it as another boat was close enough to compare it with


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Also did anyone notice in the photo that all the ships company were dressed in whites, alongside in Guz! (Defiance across the road I think)


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yes i noticed,has global warming come to west devon whilst the rest of the UK was still in the grip of winter?They must be a tough lot on that boat!
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