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I was wondering if anyone knows what became of this vessel, after the Falklands War. She was an ex-Argentine Coast Guard patrol boat and was captured by the Royal Navy. Her sister boat was sunk IIRC. Did anyone on here serve on her ?

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A three second Google search turned up this

HMS Tiger Bay
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Tiger Bay when she was still the Islas Malvinas GC82HMS Tiger Bay (originally; Islas Malvinas GC82) is a former Argentine Z-28 patrol boat that was captured by the British and brought into service with the Royal Navy at the end of the Falklands War.

She had been damaged by gunfire from the Lynx helicopter of HMS Alacrity early in the war on 1 May, just off Kidney Island.[1] Shortly after the Argentine surrender the crew of HMS Cardiff manned her in Port Stanley and renamed her HMS Tiger Bay[2] (after a dock area in Cardiff, Tiger Bay).[3]

She is now stationed in Portsmouth Harbour.

There are loads more references

Thank You for your reply.

I too did a google search and found that. But there is very little information on that article.

I was curious as to what the vessel is used for now ie still by the MOD or in civvy hands.
The guy who damaged her intially was the Alacritys Schoolie unfortunately the machine gun jammed and has they made a second approach they where fired on by an armed fishing boat forcing them to land to check the damage which is probably a good thing because at the time AlacrityArrow and Glamorgan had just dispensed 150 4.5 shells into Stanley race course before all three were bounced by 4 Argie daggers( one being shot down by the Argies)two 1000 pounders exploded a 100 yards astern of Alacrity ( very nearly being the first FI sinking) whilst we never encountered the Islas De Malvinas again we did take Sheffields revenge by sinking the Islas de estados (21 killed by a 21 with 21 shells) at 01.21 on the night of 10/11 May = 21
Re: Hms Tiger Bay

Spoke briefly to the Naval Historical Branch (Tel: 023 92 724327/725300) at Pompey today. The person to whom I spoke said that HMS Tiger Bay was sold in 1986 but had no further info to offer.
Thank You for your replies.

Am I right in saying that she was the only prize taken by the Royal Navy post WW2, and since ? That would have made her quite unique !

Was she employed as a patrol vessel in the Falklands post-war ?
The 'Black Pig', used for gash ditching, when it wasn't trying to sink or overheat the Port diesel. Used to be an oil rig support vessel, I think. German origin from 'Hitzler Werft'

I may have liberated a clock (with key) from her in '82...had 'Wind Friday' in Spanish on the face, and still has, maybe
hms tigerbay was sold to boots engineering Exeter in 1995/6 was then sold on to a person in Monaco to be converted into luxury cruiser, my dad served on this vessel in the falklands and I have pictures of this vessel in the falklands and a jumper with ships crest
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