Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by NozzyNozzer, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. This is a Forum created for all you ex-Thunderer trainees, staff and ship's company. I must confess - I thought the place was still open!
  2. It is now a posh housing estate Nozzy , I never served there so can't say much more about it , sorry :twisted: :roll: :twisted:
  3. 8) We used to wander onto the Thunderer estate illegally, for a dare when we were kids.

    I remember being lined up alongside the outer perimeter fence with my school classmates to wave to Prince Phillip, when he did a visit to the college in the 60's.

    The outer grounds are accessible to the public now and are well worth a walk round.

  4. Sep 95 - sad time. I was part of the last degree course to go there. Many happy days spent at Crownhill Mono-Technic. There are some cracking dits about the place - blow-up doll filled with helium hoisted on a line during divisions, virtually every "For Sale" sign in Plymouth making their way to the perimeter fence when the closure was announced, cars on fire during divisions to name but a few. Beer, rugby and more beer.
    Never had such a big mess bill in all my life.

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