HMS Tamar

Discussion in 'History' started by NotmeChief, May 8, 2009.

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  1. HMS TamarHC Deb 01 November 1989 vol 159 cc179-80W 179W
    § Mr. Menzies Campbell To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what are the considerations which influenced him to order the relocation of HMS Tamar from Hong Kong to Stonecutters island.

    § Mr. Archie Hamilton The defence estate in Hong Kong is the property of the Hong Kong Government. Under long-standing arrangements, whenever defence land is required for redevelopment, for economic or social purposes, the Hong Kong Government reprovide defence facilities, as required, at other suitable locations. The naval basin and related facilities at HMS Tamar lie in an area required by the Hong Kong Government for a major new development. No decision has been taken on the future of180W the Prince of Wales building (headquarters British forces Hong Kong), which is unaffected by the reprovision of the Royal Navy's facilities at Stonecutter's island.

    Just thought you would like to know.
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    That was really looking into the long-term future, wasn't it.
  3. But happy memories of Tamar are still around. Never did get that draft I was after!!!!

  4. The scaffolding during the building of the PoW building was bamboo. It used to frighten me to death just watching the builders (got to watch the vernacular or the Thought Police will be after me) just walking about on it when sections kept falling down with the slightest gust of wind.

    No elf and safety worries in them days.
  5. :roll: HMS Tamar 1949
  6. ...was watching a couple of blokes dismantle some on a finished building, running along the rickety stuff with a machete slashing at the bindings, took all of 10 minutes to drop the lot. 8O
  7. Bamboo was also used in the '70's for building/maintaining the skyscrapers. very good during the typhoons as they gave in both directions of the wind (but didn't give way)
  8. They were still using bamboo in the 90s
  9. In May 2000, theLegislative Council of Hong Kongpassed the Military Installations Closed Areas (Amendment) Order 2000, which renamed the formerPrince of Wales BarrackstoCentral Barracks, and the Prince of Wales Building to the Chinese People's Liberation Army Forces Hong Kong Building. After the base became the Central Barracks, the old name of the building remained visible in large raised letters along the bottom of the tower for several years.[4]The building underwent a 20-month full renovation, completed in 2014, during which most of the troops have been transferred to the Stonecutters Island base.
  10. I remember when I was there the Connought (sp?) building (near the Star Ferry) was being completed and was shrouded in bamboo! Scarey stuff!
  11. Now known as The House of a Thousand A*******s after those who work there.
    At its inception in 1972, Connaught Centre was the first skyscraper in Hong Kong–and the tallest one in Asia. (Then in 1980 Hopewell Centre became the tallest building in Hong Kong).

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