HMS Talybont and HMS Cobra


I am researching my family history and discovered that my father was an acting temporary lieutenant on HMS talybont in 1946. He was also at HMS Cobra in 1944. I have no other information as he would never talk about his time in the Navy. I only discovered this at his funeral in conversation with a member of the British Legion. Can anybody help me get any further.


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What have you done so far @JKW158 ie googled the above names and any further details on your late father, full name service number. That will be a starter and stop others having to repeat what you have already done.


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There is a fairly full Wikipedia article on HMS Talybont, a Hunt-class destroyer built in 1941-3, active until 1947 and in reserve thereafter. She was scrapped in 1962. There is also an article on an HMS Cobra, 1899-1901, but I hardly think your father could have served in that vessel. Bearing in mind that CO- was often a designator for Combined Operations units, that would seem a useful place to search as well.

Have you obtained your father's service record from the MoD? It is possible to do so, see

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