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Discussion in 'RFA' started by blainy88, Nov 1, 2014.

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Pending security clearance I should be starting training at HMS Sultan on the 20th of January and I was wondering if there are any boxing facilities?

    Also, is it shared accommodation for RFA recruits and is there WiFi available?
  2. Boxing club may still be on Cambridge Road, as for yer other Q's, sorry, not a clue
  3. Wifi is not free on the bases, they offer a package which costs around £15 per month.

    Raleigh(SG2 training) had wifi in some blocks & a wired option in others.... yes Seadog i know he is going to Sultan!!!

    I can only advise on my time doing RFA training when it comes to accomodation - we had single cabins with shared bathrooms, part way through our course we were moved to a better block & had single cabins with en-suite bathrooms. Apparently the course currently in training at Raleigh are in shared blocks and I believe this is the way things are going for courses.

    You may get lucky Blainy at Sultan and get your own room but dont be disappointed if its anything up to 6 of you sharing.
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  4. Thanks folks.

    I don't mind sharing, I just wanted to know so I can practice my stealth masturbation techniques!
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  5. Could anybody tell me how the PAYD works?
    Is it a pre-paid card or is it deducted from your wages?

    Also, what date of the month do RFA personnel get paid?
  6. Pay As You Dine. There's a clue there.
  7. Thanks Darren.

    Drakey, I knew it was pay as you dine I just wasn't sure of the details. High Schools in my area operate a PAYD system using a pre paid card. A warehouse I worked in for a few weeks also worked PAYD and subtracted the scran money from your fortnightly pay.

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