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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ChrisSimms, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi, i was wondering, does anyone know the schedule for the training as an AET at HMS Sultan and what it involves? Also any information on the AET role would be ideal.


  2. Learning how to fix aeroplanes and helicopters.

    As for schedule, dont plan anything cos you bound to be duty.

    And think about changing you name on here, won't be long before someone finds you on facebook!!!

    I would hope you know all about what you have coming as you are at Raleigh in less than 2 months.

    Try Shag Shaker he is/was a DO at Sultan
  3. Thanks Alot !

    Oh don't worry i've been looking into the job since i applied and before i know more or less everything thats about it. More info the better i guess !

    Is that a problem having my name on here like? I shouldn't think it would be would it?
  4. Using another name adds a bit of anonimity. You can get away with a bit more!!

    And PERSEC.
  5. Haha that is true ! So is it true what i hear? AET's are generally dis liked throughout the ships company for some reason, hence the name "WAFU" ?
  6. Its all jealousy shipmate.
  7. Yeah that's what i have been told. With the current situation with the fixed wing aircraft i will be working within the Rotary side of things i guess, which possibly means a bit more sea time?
  8. Sea time!!!

    I need to sit down.
  9. HA ! you know what i mean...
  10. Sea time on what ships?

    With the new course that came in just as I was leaving you do a lot more practical work early on. A lot of people were failing exams with that course compared to the one I did, there are also a few more practical assessments.

    If I remember rightly (I only left in December and can barely remember), you can expect to be duty once a month or so, but there are usually people willing to do a duty for £20-£50.
  11. Nice one cheers for the info !

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