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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Jen_M, Mar 13, 2010.

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  1. Hello, joining as an MA, currently awaiting a date for Raleigh and I've just been on RN website and it now says MA's go to HMS Sultan for 2 months after HMS Raleigh but prior to medical training at Aldershot. I haven't been on the site much in the past few months, so is this a new change to the training of MA's because at my interview in Oct it definitely said straight to Aldershot after Raleigh?

    Anyone with any insight?

  2. I can't answer this but I am sure Ninja or Doc will be by shortly to help.

    Just wanted to say good luck x
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Health physics course before you become the first female MA on submarines? Best of luck anyway.
  4. Im going for MA as well and didnt realise that the training process had changed! At my catch up interview 3 months ago my CA didnt say it had changed when I was asked about it again.

    ooooo I wonder why we get to go to Sultan?? Nice for me as I will get an easy journey to go home on weekends, as I only live round the corner! :) lol
  5. Sounds unusual. Are you sure this isn't just for potential submariners?

    News to me, but not outwith the realms of possibility.
  6. From RN website:

    Medical Assistant (General Service)
    MedicalBasic training at HMS Raleigh
    Your career begins with nine-weeks’ basic training at HMS Raleigh – a shore base near Plymouth. You’ll learn crucial skills like discipline, teamwork, firefighting and weapons handling. You’ll need to be generally fit and able to swim before you arrive.

    Professional training
    After two months at the HMS Sultan in Gosport, you’ll progress to the Defence Medical Services Training Centre in Aldershot where you will spend 20 weeks studying first aid, environmental and preventative medicine, anatomy and physiology, administration and pharmacy.

    When you finish, you’ll be awarded the distinctive Red Geneva Cross. After gaining practical experience in various hospital departments with ill and traumatised patients, you’ll sit your final exam to become a Medical Assistant. You’ll then be posted to a ship or Naval Medical Centre in the UK.

    Rolop - more adventure for us anway! Have you got a date for Raleigh yet?

  7. and thanks Jenny! The waiting is a nightmare - but no doubt when I get the monumental letter telling me when to go to Raleigh I will be scared senseless! arggh! :D
  8. Im in the same boat as you I think, Still waiting to hear. I think we finished selection at around the same time I I remember right???

    Could end up at Raleigh at the same time!!!
  9. Yes I think that is right. I was told Sept, but since then been told it could be longer! Good Luck and let me know when you get your date for Raleigh and RNAC!

  10. I was told this June at first but have now been told it will be next June. Will let you know if I hear anything. You let me know to! :)
  11. Jen and Rolo

    Confirmation that the stint at HMS Sultan does not apply to MA GS. It only applies to candidates going SM.

    Slight hiccup on the website.
  12. cheers Soleil. Good to finally know whats happening! :)
  13. who cut and paste without paying attention then?!
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, it was a cut'n'paste from the MA SM factsheet. It's been corrected in the new printed MA GS factsheets but not on the website version just yet.
  15. if you can supply a phot you may win the "check Chieffys right teste on monday " award
  16. Thanks Soleil,

    and that WAS a cut and paste from MA GS webpage, like Soleil said, hiccup on website!


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