HMS Sultan Easter Holiday?

Anyone able to tell me the easter leave dates at HMS Sultan for 2015, I know Raleighs is 3rd-20th of April not 100% if the dates will be the same though.



Does the whole of sultan close for Easter ? I will be in the RFA and wondered will I be expected on base during leave periods or is it the same leave for everyone on site


My lad went back to Sultan today not %100 happy by the look on his face, what can he expect first thing tomorrow morning.
He will have his course timetable and will carry one with the ETME course. He can possibly expect a routine drug test but nothing different to what he was previously doing.


My lad as settled in at Sultan which makes us feel better back home, rather him enjoying the career than not
and he is looking forward to the Easter Leave
so happy all round.
all the best


We got a message today from him stating
That he was board and did not want to be there, one minute he is on an high then he is down in the dumps
most of his mates have gone home on weekend leave so the block is almost empty, I think it's most likely this is why he is down.
I told him to hang on in there and occupy his mind with something, like go down the gym, have a run, or go down the naffy, there must be others feeling the same, is this a normal thing in training.
as for Easter dates have not asked him.
Couldn't tell you much unfortunately only inmy 4th week ofRaleigh! But from what I hear training is very much a rollercoaster, sounds perfectly normal so I wouldn't get too concerned about it.


Can any one tell me at this time what are the longest period of time any one can spend at sea at any deployment


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Phil, as per Wrecks post, but bear in mind that this is time away from the home port, the actual deployment will have various port visits all over the place. Stand fast Bombers, their sea time is just that sea time and normally speaking with no visits outside of the home port.

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