HMS Sultan course syllabus - can old ones be found?

I've just moved over to the RAN and they've decided that now I'm here to move the goal posts and ask me to prove my Electrical background (EX -CPOMEM(L))
They don't like City & Guilds and all I have are course dates and numbers, so does anyone know how I would go about getting the course content from my killicks and PO's courses? For once Google doesn't seem to be helping. They want to stick me on about a years worth of courses so can't work out why they wanted me in the first place!!
As long as you are getting paid, enjoy the shore time and the update,?
Spoken like a true matelot! Exactly what I told them - happy to stay ashore for many months - can't believe how much this must be costing you. However doing a course in Pompey when you are Guzz based is one thing, doing that in Oz means a 6000 mile round trip...
Best of luck with it shippers, I tried to get WE course content from Collingwood to prove I was a qualified small arms maintainer when I joined the TA. 4 years on and I'm still doing bonk pongo courses that are watered down versions of stuff I did when I was 17. Next month it's how to clean a GPMG for beginners Whoopee ******* doo.
Not a sniff yet, apparently they're going to ask the equivilant of a WE Tiff to ask me all about Mr Ohm and his various laws, meanwhile I'll keep looking.
I may be able to help you - not with Ohm's Law, that's for certain - but I may know someone who can advise and direct on this. It might cost me a double scotch and a smile but I will try for you.

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