HMS Sultan AET Training/ Leading Hand Fast Track


In a couple of months time i will entail my 6 month course at HMS Sultan as an AET, with the intentions of getting chosen to be fast tracked and hopefully soon after becoming Leading hand if all goes to plan.
After scouring as much of Navy net as possible and other sources theres nothing on this or recent.

Having seen the time tables in a general format at PRNC for Sultan, is anyone able to give me more of an insight on what the topics are in the 4 exams over the course of the 22 weeks,
What can i do to prepare myself most for what's to come, (Fitness isn't a problem)

Any tips at all regarding Sultan or AET in general.

As much information as possible even if related only a little would be great!

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4 ones regarding going for leading hand, that i believe need to have a score of at least 85%,
1st, and 2nd exam regarding studying, 3rd exam regarding in hanger, 4th final exam covering everything


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Much to learn and not just course work!!!!

Just wait until you get to Sultan and find out the course syllabus then go from there.


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If it is the same as back when I did it, there will be almost weekly tests on top of the 4 big exams.

A 90% average was needed when I was there and no test/exam fails were allowed.

You'll then have to write a journal, do a maths exam and pass a board for fast track.

Only 1 passed on my course.


Exactly the same now, 85% average now, and during your oral boards you can acquire BUTS (bringing up to standard) even one of these will end any hopes of fast track, you’re far better off focusing on passing the course than worrying about fast track

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I’ve been at Sultan for over twenty odd weeks now and if I were you I’d concentrate on gettting through phase one then more on getting through phase two in one go before worrying about fast track. I’m in the ME school but I’m yet to see an AET class pass out more than 10 of its original class members, they are forever getting back classes and rebranched for exam fails.
I'm at sultan at the moment I'm now going into week 9 so well into the hard part of the course leading up to PX2 board, fast track is easily possible but if your willing to put in the work to do it , 4 hours of revision ever night ,if you fail any exam you get removed from fast track 85% average is required, as well as a good report from your leading hand and a B+ score at talybont for leadership skills , even that doesn't guarantee it just means your name goes into a hat , best advice I can give is take everything one step at a time, get through raleigh first then go exam by exam when your at sultan instead of looking to far ahead, course is split into 3 stages , stage 1: 4 exams, stage 2:6 exams stage 3: 1 exam