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Well I had better start this one off --just to get THE BOYS T.E entries on Rum Ration known.

Joined that place-- as a fifteen and a half very green lad in June 1956 and left it july 1957 as a young man.

I went to Ganges and Fisguard for visits as a member of the St Vincent swimming team. Was not impressed with Ganges fcukin place was full of clockwork kids . Fisguard was better or seemed to be .

Entry was Hawke 930 and there were two other classes in the entry 931 and 932 . 930 was Junior Seamen and Junior EM's and we were all advanced class with the little star on our arms. I think we were the first ever class of JEM's
Glad to see the St.Vs are gradually getting started. Must say though, that all us clockwork kids are vigourously nattering to one another! Where we really any more mechanical that the Forton brigade? :lol:
I joined at 18 so never experienced so great a hardships as the G's juniors,
but of course it was hard to us, one day civvy street next day Pusser, and a whole new strange way of life to us all.

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