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Hope you can help. I'm researching my wifes family tree and found that her Uncle, Able Seaman James Herbert Ambrose, died in Coldeast Hospital after returninng from the D-Day landings. I understand that he operated a landing craft. In his obituary he is described as James Herbert Ambrose (A/B., RN). Would appreciate if someone could tell me what the A/B means, I think it could be 'Able Seaman' but I'm not sure.

In appreciation, John


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I would imagine that HMS Squid carried the pay accounts for all the landing craft crews based there.

If you have not already done so, go to the MoD Veterans Agency website and follow directions to send off for any papers the MoD still holds on your man. Papers can be applied for by the Next of Kin, one sends a cheque and then waits maybe months but eventually photocopies of whatever is still held will arrive. The catch for naval ratings is that the actual Service Certificate should I think be given to the man on discharge but there MAY be other papers still held.


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From the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

Initials:J H
Nationality:United Kingdom
Rank:Able Seaman
Regiment/Service:Royal Navy
Unit Text:H.M.S. Squid
Date of Death:09/10/1944
Service No D/JX 418780
Additional information: Son of David and Mary Emily Ambrose, of Derby.
Casualty Type:Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference:Sec. F. Grave 75593.Cemetery:DERBY (NOTTINGHAM ROAD) CEMETERY

Link: CWGC :: Casualty Details

I can confirm that James H Ambrose died of illness.

Edited to add: Should you wish to obtain a copy of the service record for James Ambrose (as mentioned by Seaweed) here is the link:
service records sar form requests

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Thanks, and a question to sweetpea

Thanks for your help.

Sweetpea, how do you know that he died of illness? You are right, but I only recently found this out by going to the 1944 issue of the local newspaper. Thanks, Astro

Thanks for your help, I didn't know of this website I shall take a look. Can anyone tell me what D/JX means? Sorry to trouble you but your help is appreciated.
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Hello Astro,

Naval Gazer is quite correct - the Naval Casualty database that has been compiled by Don Kindell on the naval-history-net website is rather unique in the fact that Don includes additional sourced information to the listings. He is an extremely thorough researcher!

Regarding your enquiry as to the meaning of D/JX, the information on the link below should help to explain it.


If you require any further help regarding your ancestral research (free of charge - always happy to help) please feel free to drop me a line.


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Two brilliant leads Gazer. Using them has answered a qn I posed on another thread; a rating with a number only 200 higher than my man that I was investigating lost his life in March 1942, so leaving an allowance for training and drafting that makes my bod enlist in 1941, aged 17. Case closed -VMT!

In fact since we are talking Squid, In The Bracket!
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