Hms Sportsman


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Looking to find information regarding the submarine Hms Sportsman.
In particular William Arthur Brown. Electrical artificer on board. He was awarded the DSM, so looking for info regarding the at too.
Be great if anyone can help
The Distinguished Service Medal. Acting Chief Petty Officer John Thomas Rodham, P/JX.149922 (Castleward). Engine Room Artificer Third Class George Gould Bowden, D/MX-53833 (Cardiff). Petty Officer Sydney Valentine Wragg, C/JX. 144505 (London). Temporary Petty Officer Roland Reever Lewis Harding, C/JX.I374O7 (Rugby). Acting Petty Officer Samuel Patterson, D/JX. 145012 (Belfast). Stoker Petty Officer Reginald Naruschkin Bucke, P/KX.8367I (Lewes). Electrical Artificer Fourth Class William Arthur Brown, D/J.114061 (Merthyr Tydvil). Acting Leading Signalman William Edward Pearce, D/JX.i63773 (St. Helens). Acting Leading Seaman John Wallace Porter, P/JX.I45476 (Maygole). Acting Leading Seaman John Harry Wilson, D/JX.238p42 (Mansfield). Acting Leading Stoker Alfred Albert Charles Jackson, D/KX.132434 (Newport, Mon.). Acting Leading Stoker William Kay, P/KX. 96049 (Southend)

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