HMS Spitfire and SMS Nassau

Was lucky enough to find some new photo sources for the Spitfire (one showing her upward point triangle on the mast at 5PM on the day of Jutland, which I had not seen before) but have had real difficulty in locating the original 1928 STRAND article which had the story told from Trelawney and Athelstan Bush's points of view. Does anybody have a copy, know where I can find a copy or would be willing to post some really good scans from the article. As you know this debate has been going on for a while and I would like to see if we can post as much of the evidence as is available before the Centenary.

Many thanks if you can help me


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The Strand Magazine (issued monthly) was also bound into two hardback copies and published each year, Jan - June and July - Dec. Your local library might be able to order you a copy (if your County library holds a copy of the publication), so it might be worth asking them.

There are copies of The Strand Magazine available on eBay, but you need to search through the listings on the website.

I have found one copy available for sale online, located in Denmark, and it is expensive.
Personally, I'd be inclined to contact the seller and request a photocopy of just the HMS Spitfire article, explaining my reason for requirement - research.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Hope this helps and I wish you well with your research.

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Thank you. I'll have a look on e Bay but might also see what the library turns up. Very much appreciate you taking the time and trouble to help me.
Best, nick
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