HMS Somerset returns to sea after £20 million refit

Ministry of Defence said:
The Type 23 frigate has a new lease of life as one of the most advanced fighting ships in the fleet due to a £20 million docking and upgrade in her home port of Devonport Naval Base in partnership with Babcock Marine.
HMS Somerset’s commanding officer, Commander Mike Smith, said:
I am incredibly proud to be taking HMS Somerset back to sea after what has been a highly productive upgrade. The ship now has increased capability to meet the needs of an adaptable Royal Navy and is ready to return to the active fleet.

HMS Somerset's commanding officer, Commander Mike Smith (right), speaks with a lieutenant commander [Picture: Leading Airman (Photographer) Joel Rouse, Crown Copyright/MOD 2013]The warship’s fighting capability is now among the most advanced in the world, while the living arrangements and main machinery have been improved and overhauled, and a new coat of paint on the hull increases its streamlined efficiency, economy and speed.
Enhancements to the ship’s Seawolf missile system, installation of an advanced electronic communications system, and significant improvements to operations room functions have made HMS Somerset more versatile and agile. In addition, substantial galley improvements will make life at sea more comfortable for the 185 sailors aboard.


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