HMS Somerset men overboard.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by amazed_wafu, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Hope all is well with them.

    Just before I joined Ashanti she had lost the flight SMR over the side up North, (cold Atlantic), he was successfully recovered by the sea boat. Spoke to him about the impromptu 'hands to bathe' he had. Most frightening experience of his life, he told me.
  2. It couldn't have been the flight. According to the paper it happened just after 11:00 so they would have been in the queue for scran.
  3. So the modern breed of WAFU get up that early!!!! 8O
  4. Sounds like good drills to me. He probably did make a pipe they were just all asleep suning themselves on the flight deck haha
  5. I hope the CPR bit was speculation - that could hurt!
  6. They have to get up, put some cream on their bed-sores, set up their clicky beds, get some scran before going out onto the flight deck to catch some rays. Then after 'work' they'll hide in the air EMR until the mess has been cleaned for rounds, off for more scran then straight to bed for more Zs after such a strenuous day.
  7. Also, never ever seen a WAFU involved in a PO's or CPO's beer RAS, but they are quick to scupper it.
  8. So true, but only obeying orders.

    The manual, (JSP), clearly stated, "8 hours sleep per day". So anything at night has to be a bonus!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. Being a W.E. I'll have you know I resemble that remark. :p
  10. Gotta disagree there. On the Euryalus 86-88, Woo's regular got involved in the mess beer RAS, bugger me, how else we going to get our night caps delivered.

    Never saw any objections to us Woo's when load lifting the beer on board, or mail, or fresh bread, or milk. I can go on!!!!!! :lol:
  11. :roll: :roll: We did on the Victorious :oops: :oops: and diverted a couple of crates down to our mess!! :oops: Its only manners??? 8O
  12. Damm right, if they wish to transit a WAFU's POS then it would only be right and correct to sample the wares!!!! :lol:
  13. Went over the side on Cherry B in Nov 73 off the Faroes during a RAS in the Cod War grabbed the railing, shat meself and got a tot from the old man when they got me back in the gunbay flat. My bollocks never got beyond the walnut stage.
  14. This is what one prat had to say (attached to the above article).

    All that time doing lifebouy ghost and not one blighter had the decency to fall overboard,
    I just wanted to ring the bell.
    Matelots today can chew my starboard nacker.
    Sinbad lea, away from guzz also

    Utter plonker!

    Both ratings pulled out of the water. One was unconscious (hence CPR). Both hypothermic. One x L/H One x PO. Big wave over back end. One
    other bloke saved by the nets.
    That's all.
  15. Ooops sorry I thought you said scran deck not flight deck, Must have been A'noon watch and before Four o'clockers

    Jack McH
  16. WAFU in 'awake during the afternoon' shocker. :)
  17. I joined Ashanti in Bermuda (my first draft) way back when. Within a couple of hours of leaving we had lost one overboard (an OD doing his ABs exam) they launched the helo but could not recover him. Then a minute or two later another wave hit us and a PO who would retire when we got back to Pompey was killed.
    The weather was flat and fine when we left Bermuda and the roughers lastested just long enough to do the damage.
    Didn't the Ashanti go on to have an engine room fire a bit later? You could still see remains of the damage from the storm when she was on the trot in Pompey waiting to be scrapped/sold.
  18. Spot on about the fire, I joined 2 weeks after the fire. (The flight not the ship), Being a Woo I never saw the ship until I embarked after all the repairs.

    She then suffered a bearing failure on the prop shaft after a maintenance period in Gib. Ashanti's ships co. then manned the Tartar after she was brought out of mothballs in Chatham.

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