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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. HMS Somerset left the UK at the beginning of January to conduct maritime security operations in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf region in support of Operation Kipion, and Combined Maritime Forces missions in the Middle East.

    Some of the crew have been busy blogging about their thoughts and experiences whilst on this deployment which you can read via the following link:

    HMS Somerset
  2. Whose idea was the black on blue font? :glasses3:
  3. It's black font on white 'panels' on my PC and iPad.
  4. I've got black font on royal blue panels on my PC!
  5. I wonder who's updating this - tumblr is blocked on DII....
  6. They have their fair compliment of gingers and baldies. Someone should dress the golly for him in future too.
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  7. Except for the Booty, they are sailors, yes? On a ship, yes? At sea, yes?

    So why all the camo kit? Are they all into AirSoft or what?
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  8. They're either standing sea response force or boarding party. Either way, they tend to wear combats.
  9. They are starting to be like the US armed forces: blog accounts, tweets etc.
  10. Hoooooooo Haaaaaaaaar, shit yes!

    (Not to be confused with oooooo aaaaar as in UK pirate-speak.)

    (or Janners)

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