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There will be a short Church Service at the Sidon Memorial at 1100 on Sunday 7th October 2007.

HMS Tireless (one of the Royal Navies T class submarines) will be visiting
Portland Port at this time and members of the crew will be in attendance, a
wreath will be laid by the Commanding Officer. The service is at the Boats

Any Sidon crew or relatives will be most welcome at the service, which will
probably last for about 15 minutes.

Sorry about the short notice but the visit is only being publically
announced today and had to be restricted until now. I would grateful if
anyone that is attending lets me know.

Further details on HMS Sidon

Brian Hodder

Now I thought this would be a post I could alter. delete or move but you have worded it so cleverly I cannot find an excuse to use my new found powers.

I will be in the UK on the 7th but in Guzz at a Ganges Reunion so I am sorry I cannot be there. I will of course raise a Tot to Swampy and the rest of Sidon's crew.

Have a good day my thoughts will be with you.

Tireless is one of my old boats. If you get the chance to get on board for a look around guys will you pop into the JR's bunk space fwd, port side, inner, aft and middle (it makes sense if you think about it three dimentionally) and say to my old rack it's got to let me go. I need closure and I'm not getting it and it's been thirteen years now!
Cheers guys!
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