HMS Sherwood 22/1/2008

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by North, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Well, I managed to get to the RNR presentation night, and i would like to thank the folks there (if anyone's on here?) for a really informative visit. I certainly have a lot of information to think about, and was very impressed by the professionalism on display there.
    Though had to cringe about the warning shouted when using the baton (guess i've got a twisted mind! :evil2: )

    Well, i've gotta get my shifts changed around a lot at work, but really want to try and go again!

    Thanks guys (and ladies) if your on here!

  2. Sherwood are a good crowd, especially the POM and CPO PSI's.

    The warning is a bit lame and depending on who is instructing you depends on what they like you to shout, how they want you to stand etc and common sense doesn't seem to come into it! They all claim that their method is by the book too!
    Either way, if someone's coming at me in a threatening manner the baton and "attention, attention, STOP or i may use A baton against you" will be the last things on my mind. Its quicker to cock your rifle and shout "Navy, stop or i fire" or words to that effect.

    I would guess that cocking your weapon would have the desired effect on its own but if they have a scaffold pole are they honestly going to be scared of a baton - someone needs to get a grip!

    Enjoy your time in the RNR. You'll be told this again and again but you get out what you put in so put in as much as you possibly can cos what you get out is fantastic.

  3. There's a thing.

    Why can you shout "Navy, Stop or i fire", or words to that effect yet when using the baton you have to shout Attention, attention, unless you stop/desist i may use a baton against you".

    Why is there a degree of leeway in the rifle warning and not in the baton drill?
  4. Andy

    Sorry I missed you last night - but glad you liked what you saw. Hopefully we can get you into the unit quickly!!

    Have to agree that the baton stuff is a bit cringe worthy. Mind you the baton is pretty effective - ask the SBS guy who tried to sneak on board a sub and got twatted by the sentry because he wouldn't do as he was told!!

    Agree with me old mate trehorn that I'd go for my SA80 everytime given the chance!!
  5. Hello matey. Hows things
  6. Oh i don't doubt the baton is effective, It did look like it would hurt if you got twatted with one by those guys, especially the chap (sorry i dont know the ranks, or names) who was running the demonstration!

    Just gotta get it sorted at work (god im starting to really HATE Center Parcs with a passion! :)

  7. Aye, PO M******h is the dogs knob.

    My eyes still water when i remember him taking us for weapons handling tests and reminding us to watch for the recoil rod assembly. three seconds later three of us saw ours fly three foot into the air. 20 press ups each. One lad decided to do them one handed and got his fingers trod on.

    Also remember the boot in the shins with a steel toe capped steaming batt for leaving my magazine on after "finding the rifle in an empty compartment" because I "should know better".

    It may seem difficult to believe but it was all meant in good fun and he only did it cause he knew us numpty's can take a joke.

    Honest!! :evil:
  8. But where has the fun gone?
    A fine line to tred between bullying and fun, but if you can do it succesfully its fun for all.
  9. Not bad - are you going to CLM thing next weekend - if you are see you there
  10. Not wrong there best PO(M) / PO (AWW) we've had for a while ,hope jake isn't reading this, hates reservists with a passion - but couldn't do more for you.

  11. Fingers trod on :eek: - :eek:

    I should Bloody hope so, Showoff ;)

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