HMS Sentinel P246 FIPV

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by dsgrnmcm, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. Shipmates, does anyone know of this mighty vessel? We have a model at work and I thought it was some sort of ancillary vessel carrying around bubble heads and froggys hair gel.

    But after another ISSC one of instructors mentioned it was a patrol vessel.

    Anyone able to expand?[​IMG]
  2. Thanks, I did the whole "google" thing and found similar info, but it's what it was used for by the pusser and any associated dits.
  3. It was one of three ships in the FI Protection Squadron in the days before the "Castles". They were Guardian, Protector and Sentinel. The Sqn Lead ship was commanded by a Lt Cdr and the others by a Lt. Mine was command by the former Nav of the Jupiter from the days of her visit to London!! IIRC Sentinel (May be Guardian) was slightly bigger than the other 2. I served on Protector and that was one of the pair. They patrolled around the islands in the early to late 80s, with the RM dets doing patrols ashore. The shore based HQ was at Navy Point. All were formerly North Sea oil rig support ships. Guardian appeared in civvy guise in North Sea Hijack that starred Roger Moore.


    Edited to add that the resident pongo inf (LI) unit hated and detested being moved on board.
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  4. Did the first commission on her and took her to the Falklands in 83/84 , she was the squadron leader of the three FIPV's , left her in around July 84.
  5. Hi I was a stoker on here early nineties.Based in gas lane it was a patrol craft.
    Also used a lot for perisher training and later in life did relief work over in Northern Ireland.
    She was an odd navy ship as was ex civvy ship and had a maintenance contract with seaforth,even in her grey funnel days.
    She paid off early nineties poss 92 and was passed on to the RMAS.From there a mystery.
  6. Correction

    Faslane even
  7. Forgot to mention she was fitted out to carry SUBMISS gear which was a re compression champion.
  8. Due to her patrol commitments, she was required to be available for 48 weeks in the year. In consequence she had a 125% scheme of complement and we mostly took leave in tranches: 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

    I was her "Ops Officer/Fifth Hand" which was a role where I was required to be Jimmy for four weeks (when either the Captain or Jimmy were on their leave), Navigator and Guns/Corro when they were away.

    She was a unique vessel; because she was built for the North Sea chop, she rolled like a pig on slippery grass when we went out into the Atlantic.

    Being a bit of an oddity, we had some amazing operations; going out to work up in the NFXAs; Op Granada; monitoring the Malin Head AGI, Attached Training Vessel to BRNC.

    We also developed a relationship with Stornaway which developed in to a lucrative business of supplying fresh smoked salmon mackeral and kippers to half of Faslane's population.

    We were berthed out on 8 berth, which was customarily known as the "Skimmer Sanctuary" by our sun-dodging brethren and frequently shared it with the RMAS and pongo warships HMAV's Arakan and Arromanches.

    I think she passed over into RMAS service in 1992/93 running out of Greenock. I think that she was sold on to a civilian operation in 1993.
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