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War Hero
Did my part two, part three, tractor and HGV driving, Killicks, P.O's course's all at Culdrose.
Great place in the early 60's. Little money,few facilities, great Oppo's and Blue Wrens. We made our own fun. A lot of us are still in contact all these years later.
I hated every minute I was at Culdrose luckily it was only for AH courses.
Yeovil & Prestwick were much better my last draft was Portland it wasn't to bad either.
Culdrose for the cornish!
I did all my AH courses at Seahawk 2 during the 70's and to be honest it was alright during the cold months because there were not too many Grockles in the area but the summer was horrendous, it was murder trying to get out of Cornwall. The PU's in Helston were pretty memorable though.
I completed my metoc training at the school of meteorology which was next door to the fire station, had a great time down there although when it comes to Air Stations I much prefered Portland and Prestwick.
chockhead819 said:
I hated every minute I was at Culdrose luckily it was only for AH courses.
Yeovil & Prestwick were much better my last draft was Portland it wasn't to bad either.
Culdrose for the cornish!

Like you I did not care for Culdrose.It was a means to an end for AH training and that was enough of the place for me.I first went there in mid 63 from Ganges on two weeks sea training.(yes sea training on a bloody airfield :roll: )Then back again for the 3s course in nov 63,bit chilly on the dummy deck that time of the year,but of course worse to come on the real thing as far as extreme weather conditions are concerned.

A lot of mates as senior rates in years to come went back as instructors,not for me,I prefered the real flat tops.many married locals and settled in the area as trainee cornish folk.Tony Atkins,and Dave Gash to name but two,I, sure there are many more.Spent a lot of time at Portland which was in a much more civilized part of the country :)
That might have been the case in the past, but I was there just a couple of years ago and IMHO it is the best shore establishment in the RN by far. Great accom and food (finally!), walking distance to Helston (just!), lovely area, great beaches etc, and best of all great people and atmosphere. :D
CU always has polarised opinion... and ISTM most who knock it have never been there (or just for a training course, which is hardly representational?)

It is a long way from anywhere, but the roads have got better (I can recall when there wasn't a bypass of any description west of Plymouth... but that's me showing my age). Facilities are good, OK Helston isn't everyone's cuppa; but there is IMHO a better esprit de corps than you can enjoy at a certain Somerset Air Station

(That'll have started something?)
Fond memories of Culdrose.....played the semi final of the Bambara trophy against them during my time at Brawdy then went on to beat Lee on Solent in the final back in Brawdy a couple of weeks later. I also attended a rugby trial for the Fleet Air Arm team and went on to be part of the team which toured Cornwall playing against Penzance & Newlyn, Hayle and Falmouth rugby teams. This was back in '62 :lol: It was also the first time I had ever seen a woman drinking out of a pint glass :shock: How life has changed :eek:
In the 24 yrs I did, I spent about 9 effing months there. I lived, well Mum & Dad etc, in the eastern end of Cornwall. When I joined up, did I go to Raleigh.noooooooooo, Ganges. Made sense didnt it.

Then when I was at Culdrose, did my QM & QS on Seaking Mk 2;s then got a wasp draft. Typical good sense really!!

Ah miss those days.........summer of 76'

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