HMS Scott arrives for Fleet week!


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Good old matelotes were blessed with 'Fleet week', all those sailors in an American town, oh gosh :oops:

Devonport-based HMS Scott has taken a break from a five-month deployment to the North Atlantic to visit New York in time for Fleet Week. The survey vessel joined eleven US warships to represent the Royal Navy at the annual event.

HMS Scott formed part of a parade of ships as she piloted up the Hudson River, past famous landmarks such as the State of Liberty and Ellis Island. She joined the American’s newest assault ship, the USS San Antonio and the helicopter assault ship the USS Kearsage. The flotilla was saluted as they passed the former USS Intrepid a permanent museum ship berthed at Manhattan. Air displays and demonstrations of military capability similar to those seen at the Royal Navy’s Navy Days rounded off the event.

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I've done Fleet Week a couple of times.
I have no doubt the New Yorkers will give them a warm welcome, in every sense of the word. In other words, anyone, male or female, who doesn't pull is a tosser who should be pitched into the wake on the way home!

Of course it will help if they keep the spam/septic/elmer comments to themselves, as the New Yorkers can be fairly humorless about some things!
Scott is a floating hotel anyway, if you pull you can take the little bit of totty back to your single cabin..........hmmmmmmmmm
Then again, if I remember the "H" squadron wrens, there will be plenty of that going on allready !! :oops: