HMS Sceptre

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rnsubdaft, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Concur - great effort all round. :rendeer:
  2. Yep welcome back boys......just like the Cold War days. Go away...come back.....the rest is just details.
    I thought three months under the ice was long enough but sheesh; nine months away from the UK. I wonder who got skidded for duty first night in! :censored:
  3. Well done lads!!!!!!!!!!! 9 months of true gritt. Splicers for all.
  4. I bet it cockin aint.
  5. Don't they use the 5th Watch system then?
    Can't imagine that everyone was away for
    the whole deployment. Either way - its still
    a "Long Trip" and a half! Even Faslane must
    look good.........
  6. 5th watch system does not work for all the crew - some i.e. "black watch" will have done the whole trip, others they reckon will have done about 6 of the 9 month trip. Not sure about Faslane looking good though, no matter how long you've been away :thumright:
  7. When Turbulent was away for 10 months some 4 years ago (away for longer and covered more miles, mind), only 10 of the Ship's Company stayed away for the entire period, the other's rotating on a 5th watch type basis.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    If i was having a beer i suppose you would have 2,,,,,,cat & black. Is that not a picture of a S-boat sailing out of Rosyth.

    HMS sceptre-launched in 1976- 9 month patrol 2007. Not bad for an old lady. Says alot for the crew.
  9. As long as things are done with respect to the machinery UK SSN's (and the bloody Bombers I 'spose) will do the job for you. Thrash them and you get what's coming!

    Once again well done to ALL Sceptre's crew. A fantastic achievement. To all the young lads on board....get all that money saved invested in a house NOW!
  10. My first post on here but i am currently on Sceptre and just so you know the CO/WEO/MEO/DMEO one SMCS CPO and 2 baby dabbers were the only 'Black Watch' the rest of us did between 6/7 months only 2 5W changes 1 in the Middle east and 1 slightly Further east :)

    For Info she did just shy of 50k miles and no major mechanical snags for the whole deployment, which isnt bad for the old girl.
  11. I can remember when Sceptre first joined SM2. She was a fantastic boat then and has surely matured in the best possible way. She took over as the 'special runner' and went from strength to strength.

    The tax payers sure get/got their monies worth out of her.......along with all the rest of the hard ridden runners!

    Do the UK civillians really know how well they are served....I don't think so!
  12. Never mind John Citizen - if half of those in Westminster knew what value for money they were getting out of the SSNs, they wouldn't be so quick to pay them off........
  13. Bawsack, fair point but you forgot to mention the Pusser I know he did the full trip. As a former member of this unit (I left part way through this trip) well done boys glad to see you all back. Except you Butch (STOP IT!!).
  14. Always been a great boat. I have managed 4 drafts to the old girl as a JR, SR and as a grunter so the old girl is special in my eyes.
  15. Sceptre came out of refit recently having been sitting in Rosyth for nigh on 4 years. As well as the usual stuff, she was impeccable. As for accommodation, with all that time along the wall, the messes got some tiptop stuff made for them. The refit time was relatively quiet, even if the postponements of her sailing dates were frustrating, although she did have one incident (which prompted the Daily Mirror to declare it the worse nuclear accident in the history of Scotland, as I recall) when she jumped down the dock during main machinery trials.

    For those that recall that refit, I'll remind them on the dead-fish-in-the-basin incident one winter.

    Naturally she and her Company have done well, but having been virtually stripped back to the bare metal and rebuilt, she is ready for more.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yip,,,,remember the smell well. Think it was a shoal that followed HMS Liverpool into the non tidal basin. Never seen so many sh*tehawks in one place feeding on them. Don't understand why they never opened the lock and let them escape, instead of letting the hawks get there feed and the rest dieing off from lack of oxgygen, i think. To rid the smell of rotting fish, which could be smelt from Cally and Roysth, the powers that be decided to add chemicals to the basin water which were later found out to eat away at the cooling tubes in the seawater coolers of Sceptre.

    Is that you Butch ya bawbag hiding under the name bawsack?
  17. That's the one. And the day the Director of BRDL knew something had to be done was the day a pig farmer outside of Dunfermline rang to complain about the smell! In the end they brought in some enzyme which the added to the water and eat up all biological matter in the basin (which if you follow that train of thought to it's logical conclusion means that there is a space-hopper sized bug in the basin in Rosyth! But the stench didn't stop a few from having to do casing crawls....
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm sure they ran the story in the Dunfermline Press because there was so many drips from the locals.
  19. Pusser got a days 5W prior to Fremantle, therefore was not a full tripper ;)

    I thank you

    And to answer the question, No i'm not the Henry the Hoover boy ;)

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