HMS Royal Athur

Discussion in 'History' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. Ganges for grown ups......our trial gun run with the beer barrel broke the record....sadly the timed event was abysmal to say the least. An enjoyable experience taught me a lot enjoyed the trek to the Black mountains. Does pusser still own the " hostel" / wooden hut or has tat been sold off?
  2. I can remember doing the beer barrel 'run' when my school's CCF visited in, say 1984
  3. Never attended, (listened to all the stories though),but always sad to see something with so many memories for folk go into rack and ruin.
  4. It is a shame, but it still remains the greatest village in the country!
  5. So where do you live then R3 ... ?
  6. Had my last tot there in 1970......after the Black Mountains bimble....two tots of neaters.....great big bowl of potmess....Landy down to the pub (forgot name).....pain from blisters subsides by about 2100
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  7. HMS Royal Arthur is due to be knocked down and developed in to a small 'village' for the elderly. Partly nursing homes and partly residential housing for the elderly who wish to be part of that community. If any of you in the future when you reach the golden age wish to reside here and relive the glory days then i may be available to give bed baths.
  8. Did not enjoy it at all, but I do remember F troop.
  9. They were in every bop. Enjoyed my 6 weeks there. Went back to the area with cs judo squad in a basic entry army camp

  10. Only two weeks, it was six when I did it. wish it had been two weeks and so does my bank manager.
  11. Nope, not our ones!

    They were banned and we a had ticket only thrash. Reason? One of the lads had a wife at the local Uni so we literally bussed in a gaggle of gorgeous totty. F Troop were furious 'we allus comes in 'ere' said a spokesman!

    I loved my time at RA!
  12. Demolition has actually begun on the site now after years of speculation, it is going to be (expensive) residential homes for the elderly. If the land it is on could speak it would have some tales i am sure...farewell HMS Royal Arthur.
  13. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    My spelling may be crap but wasn't it 'Qwmyoy', or something like that?
  14. The dingo had an ill fated reincarnation as Lillie's a few years back- its a goner now but those elderly folk are notorious for their fraternising so it may live on if they build a new one :p nothing wrong with meeting there, it was a classy joint from what i heard.
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  15. WHAT???????
  16. My mum said it was a calm place to have a few drinks after a long week at work, when she met my dad there he was just one of the many kind gentleman in attendance there. I tell myself this is true to keep myself from the mental horror of imagining what really happened. When it was Lillie's there was a small hole in the fence that led on to the barracks, cheeky.
  17. R3 are you saying your mother was in F troop? What’s her name some of us on here may know her?:)

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