HMS Roberts

I recall this monitor being 'up-the-trot' in Devonport in '62-'63

Does anyone know why she was being used as an accommodation ship?
Maybe overspill or construction work in Drake?

She had been leased back from the Breakers for this purpose, and finally sent again for disposal in '65
Believe she was part of Reserve Fleet, Guzz (ORION). She was up the trot when I was on ORION 64-65, saw her waiting to go for scrap at Inverkeithing when I was on FPS.


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I was drafted to HMS Orion in Feb 1957. The Roberts was alongside and used as an accommodation ship and Offices. I slept in my hammock on board her for about 5 months. I was mainly 'Ship watching' up the trot. A quiet number as long as the Guard Officer didn't catch you out. He wou'ld sneek up the trot in his patrol boat and if he wasn't hailed correctly you would be in trouble. Once he'd gone past it was usually ok to relax. Once though the crafty b'stard did a quick about turn and caught us out. Only got a Bolloking that time. Happy days.


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Never saw HMS Roberts in Guzz, but remember the Orion and a few others. Was living on HMS Befast - accommodation ship for the Bulwark whilst in refit - at the time.
Was in the Guzz area about 1959 -60 and Roberts was alongside
the Woolwich as Reserve Fleet and Vessels in refit accounts ships .
Left Guzz 1960 and never ever went there again-----

From Colledge's Ships of the Royal Navy: HMS Roberts: Monitor, 7,970 tons. 2x15" and 8x4" guns. Launched at John Brown, Clydeside 1 Feb 1941. Harbour service at Devonport from 1956. Sold Jun 1965. Arrived Ward, Inverkeithing for breaking up 3 Aug 1965.

One of her 15" guns (formerly in HMS Resolution) is mounted outside the Imperial War Museum. The other one of the pair is ex-battleship HMS Ramillies. Further details on Wikipedia here.

Some excellent photos on the Maritime Quest website here.
ROBERTS was alongside as part of Reserve Fleet Guzz, then went up river t'other side of Saltash Bridge before she was sold. ORION consisted of ADAMANT (HQ & living ship - they were ripping the insides out to build bunkspaces while I was a VM) and an old LST - think it was DIEPPE, stores and workshops. Had my marriage banns read out on her upper deck. At one time, the Reserve Fleet included UNICORN, MAGNIFICENT, BELLONA and HOWE, plus more destroyers, frigates, minesweepers and trawlers than you could shake a rusty stick at. Plus a whole destroyer flotilla in reserve in 5 basin, including 2 ships at 7 days notice for recommisioning, URANIA and MATAPAN before rebuild as sonar trials ship.
Worked on rigging Roberts for tow in 1965, living in one of the bunk spaces on reserve fleet. Was FMU at the time, seem to remember we brought VIRAGO out of the seven day ships unit. Did it in time too!
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