HMS Richmond comes home

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by DruAde, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. I bet the parents of the lady interviewed are extremely proud right now :D
  2. hahaha yes Im sure the parents are mate /coughs.
  3. Oh my word what a day ! Im sure home comings become old hat as you have a few of them but the first is amazing.
  4. DruAde - they NEVER become old hat!

    Especially if the wife AND a 'special friend' turn up to welcome you home........
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  5. Im afraid I am in one of the pictures on the site . We were sad enough to have a welcome home placard that my wife is holding lol. Thats all the clues your getting lol.
  6. And I thought it was Rick Mayall :)

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  7. My homecomings were never memorable........the only people who came to greet me were the revenuers.
    Long John told me many years ago.....keep yer dubloons safe, and shut the parrot was OK for him, his peg leg was hollow, he could
    keep his stash there, and the parrot was fed on rum for an hour before we landed. Me and blind pugh would hide in the Foc'sle locker 'til them
    revenuers had gone.....there was one particular nasty bast*rd....a sergeant....I think they called him Peppa.....wouldn't leave until he'd shafted
    some poor sod for some minor infringement.

  8. Never did one! Always disembarked off Falmouth back to either CU or VL. Closest to anything different from the norm was coming back from the Stan (2nd time) :(

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  9. Only times I've done it on a boat, by the time we'd got the engine room hatch open so we could rig shore supply everyone had buggered off :(

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