Good evening one & all!
Could do with a spot of help with this one, have got possibly the largest piece of naval memorabilia on tour in the UK. It is a generator engine from HMS Rhyl & has resulted in meeting some interesting people.
What i am after is some help in finding the history of this ship, from the launch to being sunk as a target.
All help will be very much appreciated.
Many thanks,
Merv! :director:
In Birkenhead we call them diesel fitters.............

diesel fit me ma,
diesel fit me pa,
diesel fit me sister................

I must admit doing a top overhaul and fuel pumps and blowers replacement on a V16 Paxman Ventura 1MW genny was quite interesting, but I wouldnt want to take one home! :thumbdown:
Many thanks for the leads on the Rhyl research, they will be dead useful!
Got into this mad project because i wanted an exhibit to take to the vintage shows that was `a bit different`. Didnt fancy an army lorry, no variety. Steam engines are loads of money, cant get excited about a van full of old garden forks, & stationary engines?????? there owners are a different breed alltogether! Managed to find this one on ebay, went to get it & there were 2 so what is a bloke supposed to do?
Have been to a couple of local shows with it & upset a few, turned loads of heads & walked off with the trophy on one occassion!
Let me know if you are passing through worcestershire & fancy a brew & a natter.
So once pics are hosted its go gadget go! Shall have to have a go over the weekend.
Have got some pics on the internal fire museum web site in their gallery. look for paxmanmerv but be warned it takes some getting on to the gallery section!
I expect a few of the old Stokers have that photo blown up and hanging on there bedroom walls by now,and when they feel a wave of nostalga coming towards them they sneak off to the bedroom for a nifty fifty over it.
Mentioned Paxman V12yha to a guy in the pub a few weeks ago, he went pale & shot off. His Mrs got hold of me a few days later & Gave me a right roasting coz `he had started with the nightmares & bed wetting again`!.
Must admit i have had nothing but fun with this motor, even managed to walk off with the cup from the stationary section of the first show i went too!
Would be good to see some of you at the shows this year so you can tell me some tales from the Rothesay class frigate days. :director:
Good to hear from you Mr Ice!
Have had some contact with a few of the Rhyl crew & have been told some terrific tales about life on board & her crew. Do you have any such tales that i can use on my exhibit as i tour the shows with the Paxman?
Was on Rhyl in the 60s drafted from Hms Delight to the rhyl, did the West Indies trip, i was also The drummer in the ships group "The Paper Chase" did a couple of telly gigs out there also.
had some good times in the windies caught plenty of fish and big sharks.
nickname Gilly
Any old mates get in touch via facebook.
Next problem i have is connecting a genset to the engine. Snag is that the set works at 1500rpm & the engine runs at 1000rpm. Any tech guys got any ideas or better still solutions? :frustrated:
Glad to hear that not everything went down with the Rhyl.

I am not a clanky so I can't help with Paxman transplant.

Some of your readers mention life on the Rhyl.

I am in the process of scanning a bunch of b&w photos taken around 1973ish, Readers may wish to visit YouTube and search for HMS Rhyl 1973, snaps from Divisions at Port Elizabeth.

Best Wishes

Have any of you visited the unfortunate town after which this ship was named? I have the painful joy of living about six miles from Rhyl and I can assure you its 'not what it used to be'! I had the fortune to discover a prosthetic leg lying in the street on a recent sortie there.. I'm sure it's great to go for Gala bingo and toothless BJs.. I'm not trying to take anything away from the ship by the way, just the now crack-infested cesspit where I have to go if I'm not in to sign for parcels..

In a recent report of towns, admittedly I found this on some crappy web page, in which the average word count in the report per town is around 300 words, I found this:-


The place where junkies go to die.

It’s too depressing to talk about any more.''
I joined her in 74 and then in 76 (I think) we all transferred to the Brighton.Supposed to do a 9 month FES but ended up in fcukin Iceland in the cod war.Happy days.
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