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lsadirty said:
Remember that there were a lot of ex-diesel submarineriners who didn't want to be part of the initial start up of "Bomber Command," even in Vickers: one couldn't get a compassionate discharge as his mum's sole means of support, hadn't served long enough to go D by P, so applied to be classed as a conscientious objector. Was gone by lunch time the same day, down to Blockhouse, and a civvy before stand easy the next morning. Didn't make the papers, but it was "negative publicity", so nobody but the few in Barrow ever heard about it. At least he missed the first boring patrol...............


We were not ex-diesel submariners in 65/66/67 etc cos we still had diesel boats. In 65 at Blockhouse volunteers for boats, about 70% in them days had a choice Diesel or Bomber Queens the 30% non vols got drafted to Bombers.

lsadirty said:
Sorry, I meant people who had previously served on diesels boats ! If I remember, not many had volunteered for Bombers.
I volunteered for diesel boats passed me coarse done me sea training on the Alderny out of Portland, got back to Dolphin got our drafts only to discover i got a draft to Reso ,i wern,t the only one.When imet the rest of the lads who had already been drafted to polaris quite a number were serving diesel men.I tell you wot though it made for some great times and run ashores together.
Just dawned on me ,whats happened to Rupert who started this topic ? You don,t owe me and Jan any rum do you? Be good to hear from you.
Must've been after our time, John - as seaman's rum bosun for DASO and the 1st patrol, would've remembered him - ticker offer, Rupert's tot - cheers - not likely to forget that, are we ???
onAny one remember Brian Moxley he was on Thermopylea with me when I got a draft to stbd crew .he laughed his balls of two months later i met him up in Faslane on the port crew I wonder what happened to him we had some good runs ashore on the thermop
Last time I saw Brian Mox he was on TV as a subby on INVINCIBLE when she first commissioned: When the reporter asked him about countermeasures, he gave a big smile and sdid "Countermeasures? Yes, we've got those as well".
Few other names to conjure with - Barney the forendie, Sharkie Ward the killick RP2 (gentleman & a scholar - taught me how to run a CEP - below the conning tower hatch, (out of sight of the OOW)), Mick Muggeridge the Po Chef, Dick Bedden, Mad Doc Slaney.....will have a further think tomorrow when the effects of this £3.17 for 3 litres of cider wear off !!
Was on Stbd crew first commision anybody no what happened to Dougal Thomson ,Chet Atkins both RPS Ginge Pesscod,Ginge Burgess, Apples Crombie ,Etc
PS Nobody volunteered for nukes in them days
Ginge Pescodd was on CONX up to the time I left her in 72, remember Francis Ponsonby was skipper of SALISBURY in Guzz in 73, Jim Hawkins ended up on DEFIANCE, and one of my neighbours in MQ at Hooe - think he's still in Guzz somewhere
Polycell said:
TomO said:
Happy days ay, Tony Smith,Rick Elrick,'Doc'Ellis,Mo Champion,Brum Page
Paddy O'Sullivan,'Beastie Beale, ..... are we still the only 'Bomber' to have gone on a 'Jolly' south of the boarder ????, don't arf miss them TGIFs in the annex. Ponsonby, 28th in line to the throne,yeh right.
Nope - Repulse had a jolly in Pompey!!!

No it didn't. Repulse(S) had a jolly in Guz and had to stay on for at least one extra day because it was locked in by "les temps mauvais". Everyone back down Union Street that night to say hello again to all those we had said goodbye to the night before.
Repulse (s) had a jolly in guz on her way round to Rosyth because a couple of us tried to steal the Arks land rover but we were to pissed to start the thing and we were over the limit!
lsadirty said:
Sorry, I meant people who had previously served on diesels boats ! If I remember, not many had volunteered for Bombers.
I certainly didn't volunteer, more than happy at dolphin on opportune but the drafty gave me a warrant to fife to join reso(p) at the end of her refit about 69 I think, ssbn's were a very poor way of life. my way back to diesel boats was, by changing branches to a greeny, but not until i did the live fire at Canaveral and two more patrols our DO was Fred Owen probably the best officer I every had the pleasure to meet a real gent and didn't treat you like a turd,and fmr, I,ve just realised it nearly forty years ago.anyone remember the cooks Andy nesbitt, Manfred man, Burnie burns,and your truly,

buster brown

I took the photo and it's shooey mullen with his back to the camera getting ready to fly out to the boat via goose bay then down to Patrick AFB courtesy of RAF
Myself (left) and Andy Nesbitt

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