Discussion in 'Submariners' started by rupert, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Anyone on board then, i did many patrols in MC with the late Wally Wyatt etc

    Steve (Rupert) Davies
  2. Are you the same rupert davies who was a big Giacomo Agostini fan?
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  4. To electric chef agostini fan was Dinger Bellamy the fore endy. to rupert davies are you from chester i was ping bosun on Reso(P)69-72.
  5. Remember Wally Wyatt from DASO and first patrol, also Ken Bellamy from the fore ends, Mick Bycroft and Jock Ainslie. The Jimmy, Dick Husk was skipper of VALIANT 72-73, and later became SM 2 then Commodore of DRAKE when I went outside in 79. Harry Chesney and Peter Sylvester in the wireless shack, Mick Elks the skippers steward (met him in Guzz on one of the last A's), Tony Smith the Coxn - Christ, I could go on forever...............
  6. Have got a photo of a run ashore in the Burgh at a bar on the front that you went upstairs to,name escapes me.In the photo with me is Bomber Wells,George Potts,Shooey Mullen(pissey arse stwd),Dinger bellamy,aGeorge(leeds lad)and another whose name escapes me(must ave been the boring one). Back to Peter Sylvester me and Pete got stoppage of leave and confined to base at Patrick Air Force Base ,but wot the skipper didnt know wos that we could still use the bar and the other bar down by the beach.Goodo times.
  7. When I lived on the Churchill estate, had Harry Chesney the sparker on one side, Bruce Cable on the other. Give you a few other names to think on - Phil Wilders, Dusty Millar (first ship sunk at the very end of WWII), Fred Day the TI, Darby Allen the Chief Tiff and Angel Benton, the NavCentre REM. Also Albert Shorten, the Mad UC, Scouse Barnes the REM, and me - Jan Berry ??? Now living as disgracefully as her indoors will let me in retirement in Guzz, where it's pissing down again !!
  8. Dont worry Jan pissin down up ere in yorkshire,ows ya clacker hangin Jan good to know youre still about.Happy days ,bet i,ve been pissed and crashed out at youre pad on aweekend.Dusty Miller told me a dit about going home on leave and catching his lad and his mate robbing his house.When he said wot the F***K Youse doing,they picked im up and threw im out of his front window.P.S i was a cockney piece of skin then.
  9. Thats unusal Berry!!
    Ronnie lives and is looking for you to pay yer tab!!
  10. Happy days ay, Tony Smith,Rick Elrick,'Doc'Ellis,Mo Champion,Brum Page
    Paddy O'Sullivan,'Beastie Beale, ..... are we still the only 'Bomber' to have gone on a 'Jolly' south of the boarder ????, don't arf miss them TGIFs in the annex. Ponsonby, 28th in line to the throne,yeh right.
  11. Nope - Repulse had a jolly in Pompey!!!
  12. Wos it Sylvest as postie,who spewed up in the Lord Mayor of Barrow,s limo on commisioning day in 67.
  13. Think it was Pat Letherby who upset the Lord Mayor of Barrow - was gone the next day. Remember a lot of the UCs going ashore in the rig in Glasgow, getting slightly confused and missing the last train, so got a cab back and fell asleep. Much later, cabbie asked them which side of the River did they want - he'd misheard the directions and thought they'd said "EDINBURGH". That nice Mr Henry was NOT very sympathetic at the table. Bob Newton was one, maybe Martin Vellender ?
  14. Remember run ashore ,must have been when we first was at Faslane friggin load of us well pissed returning to base on lower road .This is in the hieght of flower power days for you sprogs,we all had flowers,tree branches and what greenary we could wave about,when regulating staff spotted us they shit themselves thinking we were protesters soon found out it was only Reso(p)on the piss.
  15. Straight from the Garelochhead one Sunday dinner on Builder's trials, John. Asked the hippies what the big occasion for the protest was, and was told it was the 22nd anniversary of the first dropping of a nuclear bomb on mankind. Up goes the shout "Happy Hiroshima, Lads": for some reason, this seemed to upset the hippies, who got quite irate until we starting throwing them in the Loch, then they went back to more peaceful protest. Only people who were more pissed off were the Bobysnatchers, like you said - they loved us in foulies, beads and bunches of flowers. Remember Scouse Roberts, who was asked what boat he was from ? "THERMOPYLAE - I THINK". Don't have dinner time seshes like that in Civvy Street - alas!
  16. Remember it so well ,thats why i say we had a great crew some right old runs ashore.About the same time on a run ashore in the Burgh,i picks up a nice bit of skirt in the Imps,gets all night in,boat was slipping at 0730.I comes to at 0700 in the arms of this beauty F**cking hell ,jumps into me steaming bats gets a fast black down to the base.When i arrive at the end of the jetty, boats ready to slip crane ready to take away the gangway .Henry the skipper arrives to be piped onboard,i,m making me way along behind him taking cover behind anything i can,casing party are pissing themselves,waits till Henry goes below and then i nips over and onboard got a right F**cking off TonySmith .Happy Days.I Said Sippers Not F**cking Gulpers.
  17. Remember that there were a lot of ex-diesel submarineriners who didn't want to be part of the initial start up of "Bomber Command," even in Vickers: one couldn't get a compassionate discharge as his mum's sole means of support, hadn't served long enough to go D by P, so applied to be classed as a conscientious objector. Was gone by lunch time the same day, down to Blockhouse, and a civvy before stand easy the next morning. Didn't make the papers, but it was "negative publicity", so nobody but the few in Barrow ever heard about it. At least he missed the first boring patrol...............
  18. Cant,t remember that lads name but i used to go ashore with him when we was in Barrow,all of a sudden he was linked up with these contious objectors who told him excactly wot to do .He used to sit down drawing anti nuclear things until he got discharged looking back and even then i thought he was a tosser, sorry about misspellings but i,ve enjoyed 6 tots of pussers and afew pints. I,m turning in.
  19. Jayne Mansfield, and I'm 6 pints of bitter and a 2 litre bottle of cider behind you. (Took me 10 minutes to edit this post to read proper English)

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