HMS Relentless ship Badge

Can Anyone Help me find a Picture of the HMS Relentless badge? My Granddad fought on this "ROTHERHAM" Class Fleet Destroyer (H85) between June 1943 and January 1946 and for Christmas I want to get an engraving of the ships badge on a flask. But I can 't find a good picture of the Sword, trident and crown anywhere! The only picture I can find is on this site but it's not good enough for the engraver to use. (and trust me he is a phenomenal engraver!) So if ANYONE can help I would appreciate it so very much. Many thanks.
Thank you SO, SO much sgtpepperband. You have really made mine and my grandads xmas!! I will try to post a pictire of the finished product once it is ready. Have a Merry Christmas yourself.
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