HMS Reclaim - 1950

Hi folks,

I'm trying to find out what HMS Reclaim, the deep diving and submarine rescue vessel, was up to in February 1950. I believe it was around Portsmouth/Southampton during this month but I'd like to know exactly what it was doing on various dates that month :)

Is it possible to request these records from the National Archive? How many pages would you expect? What would the cost be? Is there anywhere else to look?

You can probably guess, this is my first step into RN Log books!

Chat soon.


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Ships logs are in Kew ,Nat Archives, section is ADM53
That for Reclaim in Feb 1950 is ADM 53/128766.
You get to see the original log. There won't be any copies elsewhere.
Basically one page side per day,approx A4 size.
It might be expensive to order copies, but ask anyway,you could probably order just the days you want.
Better to visit Kew yourself if you can , or get someone you know local to go for you.
You need to get a readers ticket to get in,info on that is on the Kew website.
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If you visit Kew, you can ask for the relevant log and pay for photocopies of chosen pages but this can get quite expensive. Alternatively, it is perfectly acceptable to take a digital camera and photograph the pages yourself. You are not allowed to remove documents from the reading room. No pens permitted for note-taking; pencils only.

There may well be other relevant documents such as ROPs (Reports of Proceedings) that could prove useful.
Found this .....but you will probably know? In January 1950, Reclaim was in refit but her divers assisted in the recovery of wreckage and bodies from the submarine Truculent which had failed to surface after a collision with a merchantman off Sheerness in the Thames Estuary. In April 1951, Reclaim was confirmed as a proper ‘Daily Mirror Ship’ when she located the sunken submarine Affray in 287 feet on the edge of the Hurd Deep and recovered her damaged snort mast for investigation, thereby helping solve the mystery of her loss. Further diving operations were abandoned after the loss of a radioactive source used for radiography rendered the site too hazardous.
Hi guys,

Thanks for the speedy responses and particularly the log reference. I'll look into copying costs as I rarely get to London.

I'm researching some underwater military recovery work that occurred in Feb 1950 in the Solent. One witness says RECLAIM and another says 'A floating crane called T????? something' :)

If RECLAIM was out of service in Jan/Feb does anyone have any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

Chat soon.
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