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Just a quick one boys!!

Hopefully All being well with my application, i was just wondering because i live in plymouth, will i be able to go home every night when at Raleigh or do you have to stay there during the week and go home at weekends??! I've had mixed answers haha! Thanks
i very much doubt it mate, the whole point of basic training is to take you out of your comfort zone and mould you into a sailor. cant do that whilst your all warm and cosey sat in front if the fire now can we!Best of luck
Are you definitely joining the RFA and not RN? Cause the rules are different i think. Hopefully someone will come along soon to give you a definitive answer :)
As an RFA SG2 you can go home every night if you want, you will be allocated accomodation... Up to you if u use it or not

The 2 Plymouth or Torpoint based ratings i have come acroos remained onboard for a lot of the course... Revision, team bonding, too lazy to go home

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Thanks for getting back to me!! I was thinking of doing the same regarding going home at weekends!! Whats the training like?! I cant wait to get stuck in...hopefully haha
Evening all, Does anyone on here know if you can keep your car at Raleigh? I live in cornwall and was thinking i'd keep it there to pop home on the odd weekend when i start in September..


Ive applied for RN, im just going off what a letter said not actually been yet ...but hopefully soon ....i just seen raleigh not RFA :thumright:
Does anyone know when joining raleigh on the 1st day what time you have to be there by I have been told to join on the 21st September but no idea anymore infomation.
Jones1987, I have heard that around 1/2 weeks before we start, we are meant to receive a more in depth starter pack in the post; Where to go, what to bring ect.. I guess / hope this will have the exact time on it? Does anyone else have experience of this?


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You will receive joining instructions, mine arrived about 8 days before joining Raleigh. The wheels of RFA admin turn slowly, something you will have to get use to.


You'll get info about 10 days before you start. The arrival day you are given a wide evening time slot to arrive but I can't remember what.

On arrival day you'll be shown to your room, and be free to go to the bar, shop etc. You'll also be preoccupied talking to your new colleagues. It'll be relaxed.

If your are getting a taxi from the station, I would take a taxi to the ferry,get off and walk on as a foot passenger (free) and then get a taxi to Raleigh from the other side.
They expect you to arrive by 9pm on the Sunday night to start work at 8am on the Monday morning.

Week 1 is Welcome to the RFA & Admin
Weeks 2-4 are Functional Skills.... English, Maths & IT
Weeks 5-10 are Seamanship training - from tying a reef knot to dismantling a derrick & all points inbetween.

Respect the fact you are on the part one training establishment for the RN and you wont go far wrong. Observe colours (morning & evening), no using mobiles or smoking as you wander round the base etc.

There is no marching or saluting for the RFA ratings, we are civvies in uniform!!!

There are two written exams in the Seamanship training, one at the end of week six and one in week 10. Make sure you revise, those who revised passed the exams first time.... Resits just keep you in class longer than necessary. There appears to be no backsquadding like in the RN & other armed forces.

Also take something to do on an evening as you will finish at 4pm most days. Laptop with films or tv receiver, books, gym kit etc. You can always go to the Leading Hands bar or out into Torpoint/Plymouth.

Weekends usually start about 12 and the RFA will pay for your train tickets. You can remain on the base if you want to. There is not a great deal to do at Raleigh on a weekend as we do not keep duties or do any weekend work like the RN do.

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