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If possible could you guys give me any information on a the average day-to-day activities at HMS Raleigh during your basic training?

Any information is much appreciated.



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Don't forget the running around a bit and a bit more cleaning.

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Also learning in one lesson and remembering to use that knowledge in other areas.
Persec being one area.

When you get a new user name don't post anything which links you to your old user name, by that I mean don't post on this thread as your new username eg, cockney sparrow saying thanks for the answers to posts to your old username.

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They shouldn't be allowed to post until reading those threads and passing a forum selection test.

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Wake up, shower, muster, scran, IMF,drill,scran,brief,brief,scran, clean, kit preparation, head down, repeat.

Then on special days they throw in exercises, inspections, divisions and kit musters.

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You can add this one to the list as well even though its only 8 weeks basic not the ten now. Still gives a great idea as it has Pier Cellars and Dartmoor on it.

BBC - HMS Raleigh
Those are a good set of videos. Got me all excited, now I feel like I am going tomorrow. Good thing there is just 248 days to go until my initial training, and the PRNC is only 158 days away too, even sooner!
Thats handy Rachelthree because I attacked my mum with an A4 laminate (As I believe she'll need to be that size for proper stowage and kit musters) and an Iron today she wasn't impressed. God! How's a grown man to deal with that..

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