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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by cobs2012, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. I have been out running my mile and a half for 5 weeks now and have got it down to 11:20 and improved my press ups and sit ups. I have another week and hoping to get it down to the required time. I'am just wondering if lets say you fail it by a couple of seconds will you get kicked out?

    I'm probably worrying over nothing. I also heard you get 10% extra plus 15% on top of that ? That has to be a lie.

    Thank you ( sorry for the grammatical errors)
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  2. On day two at Raleigh you'll do the 2.4km rum around the AstroTurf. This is the NEFT (New Entrant Fitness Test). The maximum time you are required to complete this in is 15% more than the RNFT which you'll do in week 5. If you fail the NEFT you'll have to do it again a few days later. You get three more chances I think. One girl into class did it in over 18 minutes the first time and wasn't allowed a second chance. Not sure what happens if you fail the RNFT as nobody in my class did.
  3. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Guy in mine failed the day 2 one and was told he needed to pass the week 5 one. He failed that one also and had a re-test which he also failed then.On his final attempt he beat it by over a minute!

    Just keep running, the time is easily achievable and the added pressure once down there should help.

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  4. I'm absolutely dog shit at running, the RNFT is the bane of my life. But if you dig deep during training during PT lessons, there no reason you shouldn't pass it. I managed to knock my time down by over a minute during phase one, and like I said, I'm absolute dog shit at running.

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  5. You'll have to do it a lot quicker than that ;)
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  6. Unless you are a lard arse or only have one leg, how can you be bad at running?, its walking speeded up.
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  7. Thank you for the reply's just got a stinking cold now but ran the other day and got 11 mins 15 but I don't no how accurate map my run is !!!
  8. Ive used several "map my run" type apps and have found them all to be inaccurate. If u know the distance is right then all u need is a stop watch. I use google maps to map out a run and then time myself so I know its correct. Good luck
  9. Yeh been for a run and got 11:15 today so will i have to re-do it if i get in the 15% mark ??
  10. If to get within the 15% extra time in week one you won't have to redo it. You will however have to improve by week 5.

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  11. Okay thank you just shitting myself about this because I like running long distance just cant manage to get the pace up. Thank for the great help.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You should be aiming to pass the run by giving it your all, rather than aiming to be on the wrong side by 15%.

    You will have been told this by your AFCO and whilst on PRNC.

    If you fail badly, you lose your job. If you fail within that margin, you are making life unnecessarily difficult and will have additional (remedial) training in your free time to help you avoid dismissal at the second attempt - not the best way to start a career, particularly as you have already passed the run twice in the last 12 months.
  13. We have all had forever and a bloody day to get our run sorted. When I started running I was running 13.30 and I wasn't a lard ass i was actually a pretty good shape i wash just unfit and now iv got it down to 11.30 so if i can knock 2 mins off on my own anyone can do it because running is really not my bloody pass time :)
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  14. Have a like for your first ever post!
  15. The thing with running is everyone can do it. If you put the effort in I promise you'll see results. Some people hate running though so for them the hard thing is sticking at it.

    A wise man once said 'the hardest part apart going running is putting your trainers on and going out the front door'.

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  16. Whoever said that was very wrong- the hardest part of running is when you reach the 11th mile and feel like you are going to soil yourself, your mouth feels drier than a nuns smashbox, your socks are chafing and making your feet feel like they are on fire, you are breathing heavier than frogman in a house of mirrors and you still have to run miles before you reach home.

    Getting out the door is the fun part, full of dreams and imagining a nice relaxing run. Cobs you posted about starting to train in 2012, what happened to the other 50 weeks :p i am sure you are capable of more than you think.
  17. In all fairness if you are getting to mile eleven then you probably don't have to worry about the mile and a half at Raleigh.

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  18. To me running is all in the head, when you figure out you probably won't collapase by picking up the pace a little, it all comes naturally with consistent runs.

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  19. you look like you prepared to fail this... not really the attitude! thinking how much extra time you get instead of thinking how much you could beat the time by.

    Guess i can be cocky as i did mine in 9:32 :toothy10:. Keep up guys...

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