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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by luvly_jubbly, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. For when I join up

    Whats the best advice for getting through it succesfully?

    Ive been told by some to learn to sew and iron. Is there anything you did or noticed someone doing to stand out.
  2. When my son recently joined, the things that he realised that he should have concentrated on before were:
    fitness - you can never be too fit (unless you're Bruce Lee).
    cleaning up around the house every day (you have to do it at Raleigh, so do about 1 1/2 hours every day at home).
    get up at 6am promptly every weekday because at least it won't come as such a big shock when you get to Raleigh.
    swot up on Naval history.
    read Treasure Island, you will be asked questions on this.
  3. And to fit right in have a cracking night out on the lash with your bestest oppo, get big eats on the way back, throw up on the lawn and then at around 5ish in the morning, get up and p1ss in the wardrobe.
    This should help with Black_spots re enactment of a pussers grey.

  4. Also, get your mum to wake you up by shining a torch in your face every hour and say 'Sorry mate, wrong pit'.

    Hope this helps in re-enacting Navy life.
  5. Get someone to hide your shoes every single morning too.
  6. Or to shit in one of them.

    Also get your entire family to vote on what to watch on TV every night, then watch something else.
  7. Also, leave a diesel lawn mower running in your front room. This should help re-enact smell and noise.
  8. Get you parents to wake you up at 5 am by banging a large stick against a metal locker, and turning on the retina burning room lights!!!
    Make sure you also have a hangover that would kill a civvy!!!
  9. Don't read your papers until they're at least 2 weeks old.
  10. And make sure its someone elses local newspaper their Gran sent them!! We have all had the mispleasure when its the only thing left to scan on duty!
  11. Get your family to get excited when the postman comes and shout, 'mail drop, mail drop'.

  12. This is true. Used to be p1ssed off in HQ1 with only a 2 week old Liverpool Echo to read.
  13. Could be worse, could be the Daily Record.
  14. PMSL :D :D
  15. you could always just lock everone else out of the house and throw spuds at the from an upstairs window then claim it was a SPO-Ex....
  16. Or when your mum does all your ironing, open the window and say, "go on chuck it out lofty!!"
  17. You could also sit on a stool at the end of your garden path for 6 hours in the middle of the night. Get your mates to ring you up every 10 minutes asking you to pipe "Mr Phil Idamide, dockyard worker, small-arms store" etc.

    Ensure you are completely ill equipped for the cold and only have two fags left and a 6 month old copy of FHM which someone has spaffed all over.

    Just before your 6 hours is up, get someone to bring you half a bag of cold chips.
  18. I think maybe that's a bit advanced for pre-Raleigh - just go and ask your mum for a long weight....
  19. You could hide cans of beer and bottles of spirits all over your front room as well.
  20. Or eat you dinner standing up, really fast while your dad shouts "If youve got time to talk, youve got time to eat", "now get back on watch lofty".
    Obviously ditch the cutlery and use a platic spoon.

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