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Hi - son aged 17yrs joined the navy yesterday. As a parent have a few questions and hope some one can assist.

When I joined the army a very long time ago I seem to remember my parents receiving a parent info pack. Do the navy do something similar?

I know that during his training he is going to have easter leave but have no actual dates for this. Also, what address do we write to him to and his number etc. Will they also tell us what date his intake is scheduled to pass out?? I know I should know better but can't help being a concerned parent.
Hi - you have a PM. To use this facility you may have to make a couple more posts. Just post some random hellos or something. :lol:

The website address will tell you all you need to know about Raleigh and it's address or you can just google HMS Raleigh. He should be contacting you with his official No and which division he's in.

Easter leave dates are from friday 3rd April until Monday 20th April although he'll have to travel back on the sunday unless you live locally. He'll be informed of all this prior to starting leave.
Will we be notified of the date of his passing out parade as we would need to book time off and arrange accomodation? Does the navy recommend or provide details of suitable accomodation for the passing out parade or can some one out there asist?
He will have his passing out or 'passing in' as its now called and he will let you know in good time. There are plenty of hotels and B&B's in the Plymouth/Devonport/Torpoint area and google will be your best friend on that score.

Not sure if the Navy recommends anywhere for you regarding accommodation as it goes.
Negat "passing in" Brigham. Now returned to sensible mode and retitled "passing out".
Passing in was just the whim of some addle headed Commodore a few years back.

Question: Can you recommend a hotel?
Answer: A list of hotels and guesthouses is sent in the parent pack issued in week One. In addition, the Plymouth Tourist Information Centre is a good source of information for accommodation.

This was taken from the Raleigh website, just click on the recruit school tab on the left hand side of the screen and follow the links

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