War Hero
You SHOULD get paid on 31 July, joining on the 4 should mean the admin required is done in time, BUT if you’ve got direct debits and bills to pay I’d have a backup plan just in case. The next payday is 31 Aug.

Hopefully you’ll be fine, otherwise your summer leave could be dull.


War Hero
While you're fretting about pay, if your screen name is your real name, change it, otherwise some nasty scammer type people could relieve you of the aforementioned pay before you get it, apart from the PerSec aspect.


War Hero
Serious question and whilst I appreciate pay IS important.

Does anyone join just to in the RN anymore? Seems to me it's treated like a 9 -5 job these days. (Or dare I say it - RAF). I can't ever remember thinking about the pay, (not that it was much I found), in my day.

S'pose it's me just getting old!!!!

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