HMS Raleigh


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Enough to cover his spending for the journey down. The only opportunity for spending there is the overpriced shop and there’s a cash machine there.


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Recruits are to arrive at HMS Raleigh with £60 in cash.

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According to the kit list, but other than a trip to the cost cutter for any essentials missing on the first Friday there is no opportunity to spend any money for the first two weeks. After this there’s a cash point at the shop and the vending machines at mtu and the galley accept card any way so it’s non essential unless you cannot get cash from your card.

After this the only time cash is absolutely nessesary is after week6 when you’re allowed to go to start going to the bar or week 9 when you order your class jumpers/regatta jackets/any gifts that are being sold to you everything else can be done on card

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