HMS Raleigh week by week!


If you want any advice I don't mind you starting a conversation. My son started at Raleigh 2 years ago this month and it was a tough time!
Can't believe how quick it's gone. I'm still in touch with a couple of mums who's sons trained with mine.
That's really kind of you Zeb. How on earth do you start a convo on these things. I am a social media manager but cannot get my head around these things! (Let me know if you're on FB or twitter lol).
Thanks for this, my 18 yr old Son is currently finishing Week 7 and has completed his last kit muster...although after 3 days he wanted to come home!


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Assuming this is not a bite........

A 'dit' is a story, could be true, could be embellished and usually starts with 'When I was.........'

Telling the dit is known as 'spinning'.

Hence pull up a bollard and I'll spin you a dit about when I was on the Massive.

In your own time - GO!


Just found this, its a really interesting read. Brings back so many memories of my basic training at Chichester, Wooden floors, hand bumpers, brass fittings in the showers, change parades,


Great read, it's my sons first day at raleigh so the journey has just begun. Nice to have a little insight into what he will be doing.Thankyou