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HMS Raleigh week by week!


Ive answered a fair few questions about Raleigh and have found people stressing, obvious reasons why! Hopefully this insight into each week will help! This isn't as detailed as it could be, because that would be unbelievably long!

WEEK 1 - Fresh Meat

You turn up at Plymouth train station all dressed in your smart clothing trying not to look awkward while instantly judging people (Don't do this, itll just make things harder). Youll be met by your divisional leading hand who will take your details and log you in. When you report, make sure you say his rank, the last thing you want to do is piss him off in the first hour.
Youll then be taken to a bus / coach / crappy MOD transport that will take you to the ferry. Here you get off, board the ferry on foot and catch a bus at the other side. (use this time to talk to the people who your with, you are going to live with them for ten weeks!). The bus then transports you straight to the gates of HMS Raleigh.
When you arrive, its all a rush. Youll go into Ganges block and fill out so much paperwork your eyes will bleed. Make sure you have all your documentation on you at this time everything from EHIC (European Health Insurance Card through to your Pass port and exam results). After all the paperwork is complete, you are thrown into your mess decks and have to try on ALL the uniform that is in the box and bag at the end of your bed. Try EVERYTHING! Don't assume just because one top fits, the other 4 will. This will be your kit that you take to Phase 2 and the fleet so look after it from the get go! Make sure all the gash is ditched and the mess is kept as neat as it can be, they do walk round and check! Again, use this time to talk to your oppos, your all in the same boat!
When everyone arrives youll be taken to scran. This will be your first insight as a squad as you are marched up by the staff. Don't worry, every new class is comical to watch marching, I remember my first day, I tick tocked half the way up the hill, it gets easier. There is a bad habit in Raleigh for people who just started to sit in silence when at scran. Once again, talk to people, learn their nickname and a fact or two about them.
The rest of the week consists of self intros, youll meet the div staff and the veterans (you will owe these guys a lot!). Youll still be thrown about from powerpoint to powerpoint and brief to brief. we've all had to do it, just don't stress out and PVR!
When you go to sign on, they will ask you who isn't going to go through with it, if you are having doubts you seriously need to think! You cant PVR (Pre Voluntary Release) in the first 4 weeks, so if you want to go home, TOUGH!
The mile and a half is within the first few days and its the PTI's first impression of you. So just run until you can run anymore. I got 12:15 on my run, it was shocking specially as im 20 and deemed fit as I don't smoke, but because I was bowing out my arse, the staff were happy. Its all about 100% and commitment. If someones struggling, help them. Don't stand out too much as youll get picked up by your oppos and don't slack because youll get picked up by your staff! Just do your best and youll fly through it.
Again, after the fitness test, the rest of the week drags with more presentation and powerpoints. Youll meet a lot of people and learn a lot of new things, just keep your head down and pay attention! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A NOTEPAD AND PEN!!!
The best time of week one is by far the weekend. NOT! You might think its time to relax and watch films....but if you want to help yourself, youll talk to your seniors and get them to help you with your kit. The sooner you get it all squared away, the better. Youll have been taught how to do everything by this point and youll be competent enough to just get on with it. Make sure you use our seniors while they are there, they have ben through everything you about to go through.
Sunday, church! Youll enjoy church wether your a bible basher or not. The sky pilot will introduce your class then go on and babble about a naked man on a cross and youll have a few sing songs then you can get your phones out and relax for an hour and a half. Make sure you relax as its a time to sit back and think about whats ahead.


Week 2 Is practically the same as week one apart from the PLT's and more phys. From day one the staff have been looking out for potential leadership. If you want to stand out, have the reasonability and think your a leader, make sure you show it. Being a part of the leadership team has its benefits even though it is just added stress. Youll be in charge of the class, getting them to point a and back. If you think you can go through with it, do it.
Youll also get your first insight to Raleigh phys. Its a shock as you don't expect it to be like it is. Just go 100% and smash it!


This is a pretty decent week. MTU (Military Training Unit). A week of learning about the rifles and a few other bits and bobs youll probably never do. Most people make sure they enjoy this. Something about being in uniform with a British service rifle in your hands, You learn everything about the rifle from components through to how to fix a jam.
It can get boring but just bare in there as it will pick up. You learn about the handling of the rifle Monday and Tuesday then Wednesday you have your Weapons Handling test and the DCCT range. If you pass your handling test then you can fire the live rounds on the Thursday. When your given 45 rounds to discharge indifferent stances does give you a rush! Enjoy it!
Friday is the shit day. Wet and dry. The staff (Usually marines) will line you up and soak you in freezing cold water. You then have to get changed into dry kit and go to bed. You wake up to do a watch during the night and you need to put your wet clothes back on (Pointless and one of the worst things in Raleigh). If you can, make a hot wet immediately otherwise youll just freeze your tits off and youll be in a bad mood all day.
That's really the just of week 3. When you finish wet and dry, make sure both the canisters are filled to the top with water. If you shake them, you shouldn't be able to hear anything. Otherwise youll be wearing it!


WEEK 4 - Stress and fun

Week 4 is when you have your first kit muster. You lay out ALL your kit on your bed perfectly folded and ironed to the specification that you are given. Make sure everything is clean, folded, ironed and NAMED! If something isn't named, you instantly failed. I forgot to name one top, this ended up in a warning. If you pass the muster then your laughing, if you failed, don't worry, your oppos WILL help you. Trust me!
Aswell as the kit muster you also have Pier Cellers. This is the opportunity to get to know your staff on a more personal level. You leave Raleigh for one night and spend it in cabins not far down the road. You get there and literally just relax. After a little while you start doing route cards for the walk that you do on the second day but its enjoyable. You go on a little treck the first night so you can practice basic navigation, which you are taught during the week, and this just shows you that its a peace of piss.
Day 2 you do your walk along the coast and then get back to some major fun. You jump into the oggin and do the assault course aswell as Jacobs latter (A bit of wire and wooden blocks above the water). It may sound shit but theres something about 60 people sitting around a massive bonfire spinning dits.
The only bad thing about pier cellers is the 4am phys session in the tennis court, but you just end up enjoying it towards the end.
On the Saturday to get to go to china fleet and a ships visit. Best weekend. A day eating nice foot, relaxing in a spa and seeing a serving ship where you can talk to the crew and ask for their honest opinions. Make sure you try the food in their galley!

WEEK 5 - Pointless

Week 5 is spent at the seamanship school. This was just pointless in every way in our opinion. You learn how to tie knots. Thats basically it for the first few days then you go up o look at the RAS Rig where you get to watch a Replenishment At Sea training phase happen. My intake was mainly engineers so we weren't interested in this week much at all. Just try to enjoy it, makes it less painful

WEEK 6 - Jupiter Point

Week 6 is literally a week to relax and have fun! You go to Jupiter point and learn how to drive some of the boats. You get to go on the jet boats, Mibs, gigs, kayaks..theres a fair few activities to do and they are enjoyable. You get to navigate yourself around and there aren't staff in your mibs so you have to really concentrate. you go onboard the Brecon and learn about swimmer of the wat, nothing special.
Make sure you enjoy JP, its a nice time to relax and just enjoy hat the navy has to offer.
Obviously theres more than just boats in week 6. Theres powerpoints, presentations, vaccines, check ups, drill, phys...but the boats is the main aspect.

WEEK 7 - Stress stress stress

I hated week 7. You have another kit muster which is in more depth, everything has to be dethreaded. Its hours and hours of your time that you will never get back. If you pass the second one your flying through it.
Week 7 is where you go off to Dartmoor. This will go 2 ways, both dependant on your teams. We had SHITE weather. You wouldnt see ten meters in front of you due to the fog and rain. However, moral was high, we sang half the way, span dits and took the piss out of eachother. You learn that no matter how hard or annoying a challenge / task is, you just get through it no matter what it takes.
You learn how to pitch up tents, how to o official route cards, have a little reccy of the area, a few little fun competitions and also a little phys. Enjoy it, its a right laugh. I loved the Dartmoor experience, even the early starts.
If you aren't confident at map reading, just make sure you put the effort in. They will know who is and who isn't strong and just want to see the good ones help out the bad ones and the bad ones admit that they need the help. You cant fail Dartmoor if you try. That's al theyre asking.
When you get back from the expedition, you have to de-service all your kit and prepare it for a greens kit muster the next day. You have plenty of time to do this and there are so many cheats. All I am going to say is buy a lot of baby wipes! They get mud of anything. Saves you trying to stick all your webbing and your roll matts into a sink!

Week 8 - DREW

This is a fun week. You learn about First aid, all get your qualification on beating the shit out of a doll and being able to tie a bandage around someone's arm. You learn firefighting, putting out controlled fires and also get to go into Havoc (It was broken for us). Its a laugh and a little bit of team building. Make sure you bring money as youll be on a few stand easies. Its enjoyable, make the most of it.
If you help the staff, they will help you. The sooner you get the work done, the sooner they thin you out and you can go back to watching dvd's when you should be doing kit. You wont forget this week, it is just a lot of laughs and ditt spinning with people who cant help but take the piss out of you.

WEEK 9 - Nearly there!

Week 9 is just phys, rounds, inspections and staying onboard the Brecon for 2 nights.
The Brecon is a massive laugh. You get no sleep because your up doing drills, but your always smiling, laughing and spinning dits. there are challenges and other crap you have to do but you just smash them out and have fun along the way. Its meant to be hard but its more enjoyable than anything else. One of my favourite things in Raleigh.

WEEK 10 - Thank God!

Monday is IMF passout, the worst thing you will ever do. The PTI staff kill you and you push your body to the limit. You will surprise yourself. IF you fail this, then you have to re do it on the Wednesday. Tuesday is phys along with Cmdr T's rounds. This is when the O/C of training comes in and decided who has the best mess out of Port and Starboard. She is sound and down to earth. She wants to have a laugh with you, simple as that.
Wednesday is the piss up. You go out to your PO's dinner and eat a damn nice meal for cheap, rink a lot of sing a lot. Its a nice way to end off basic training as you can watch your div staff have a few wets and get a little drunk. Thursday is just a day of rehearsing the pass out day. Long and makes you realise that you are passing out. All the hard work was worth it. Its the longest day out of the ten weeks.
Friday, pass out day. you start off doing a quick run through, then go to the theatre where you are issued your epaulets infront of our family. You can see them, but cant talk to them. Once this I finished you all sprint to the galley for scran. You will rush it and head back to get changed for pas out.
You get into your ones, head down to the parade ground get your rilfle and walk onto the as a Rct for the last time ever!


Make sure you take extra towels. You wont use these, they are to stay in your locker for ten weeks straight. Makes things so much easier! The same with underwear, take 3 extra boxers / knickers so they stay there. People have been picked up for skid marks and other stains in their underwear.
Spend all your free time in the first 2 weeks on your kit! The sooner you smash that out the better. Gives you a hell of a lot free time towards the end of the second week. Your not panicking while everyone else is.
If someone is struggling, help them! Imagine if you were in their shoes.
Make sure you play the game. Your staff don't want you to fail, they want everyone to come in and go without worry or hassle.
Most of all, ENJOY IT! Its only ten weeks and its ten weeks youll never get back. Im upset ill never have another pass out. You fight your way through the ten weeks so you earn the right to flip the cap off your head. It is defiantly worth it!
I'll edit the post as and when needed if ive got things wrong or if I remember more! Don't be afraid to ask questions.


Lantern Swinger
That's a brilliant report. My son is on week two now so it's really interesting to read what they are upto. Thank you


War Hero
Wel, it is a few weeks, months, years, decades even since I did it, but this is great! It also bears out what us POSFs said in the other thread.

Good luck to you all.


War Hero
Nice one Mo , give us a report when you finish part 2 . Stay with us if you can as we are lacking in serving members contributing to the site.


Im gonna do a week by week report o day by day on Phase 2 an engineer on the faraday course. Just gotta find the motivation as im suck in the mess contantly


Thanks for taking the time to do this, as a mum of a new recruit I've enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to the next instalment!


Lantern Swinger
My son seems to text/ring around 9.15 at night. They can't use phones during the day unless from church on a Sunday :)


How often do you get to ring home?

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

Every night, cant remember the times but you can use your phones in the evening. Just NOT in the mess!
If your parents are worried, they can phone your Divisional staff and ask how your doing


War Hero
Book Reviewer
PERSEC! RK7794-Get your grid off your avatar shipmate. You'll be using your initials and some numbers as your screenie next or some other nonsense.


Did you wear your civvie clothes at any point after joining just so I know if I need to pack any cause I've heard different things
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