HMS Raleigh summer break and passing out dates


My son has just gone to Raleigh on 23 July 2017. I'm now aware that they have summer break but I'm not sure if this is 3 or 4 weeks. Also it obviously has a knock on effect as to when his (hopefully!) passing out parade will be. Any help on dates/timings would be gratefully received as I had already booked a long haul flight before knowing they had a break and had worked out his passing out date - all now gone to pot and flights will need changing/cancelling. Thanks in advance!


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Leave starts 05 Aug (Sat) for phase 1 recruits. They get bussed to the train station early that day to travel home (unless he's local, then it is possible to leave on the Friday).

Raleigh has 4 weeks summer leave because we work Bank Holidays, so he'll be back on Sun 03 Sep. Add 4 weeks to when you thought he was passing out, which by my calculations means he should pass out on 27 Oct.

I don't wish to sound negative, but a lot of things can happen at any point in training that result in recruits being 'training extended' (back-classed), so if you're booking flights then I would suggest you pay for fully flexible tickets or have good insurance.